Animated Comic Covers

Animation by Kerry Callen

I love animated GIFs and the seemingly infinite variations on the form. Comic book artist Kerry Callen has come up with a new twist: animating vintage comic book covers and he pulls it off quite well.

(via Mark Evanier)

  • CJ

    These are amazingly done! And what a unique concept.

  • It took me a while to figure out how that one was actually spinning, because of the actual spacing used between each frame. Once I did the effect was there… for about half a second before it went back to just looking like a fast strobe of different positions of each hero. The way it’s set up it looks like it should be turning to the right even though the characters are actually turning to the left. Twice the frames running for half the time would help a lot.

    • Sat

      Ha, I didn’t realize the wheel was spinning counterclockwise, I was seeing the thing going the other way, with the characters morphing into another one.

  • GOSH! With a few caps he captures the mood of the moment. Also reminds me why they’re superb covers. Thank you!

  • Very nice!

  • Katella Gate

    Filmation lives!

  • Robert Schaad

    Now those are really cool!

  • James E. Parten

    As Shazzan might say “Ho Ho HO!!”

    What an interesting idea–and what a deathtrap!

  • Mic

    I demand MORE!!!!!

  • OtherDan

    Clever! Now, there’s a good reason to have a vintage collection!