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Cartoons at Ohio State

If you like comics, comic strips and animated cartoons, Ohio State University is now Mecca.

I’ll be there, in Columbus Ohio, next week (Saturday June 27th) to introduce a screening of Disney’s 101 Dalmatians (1961) and to celebrate the recently transferred International Museum of Cartoon Art Collection to OSU’s Cartoon Library and Museum. The union of these two collections creates the largest archive of original cartoon art in the world.

There will be several events going on next weekend, some of them free, all of them worthwhile. I will be doing a book signing Saturday 6pm at Wexner Center, then at 7pm we’ll be screening Disney’s 1961 feature. The movie will be preceded by the 1938 Mickey Mouse short, The Brave Little Tailor, and the 1949 Paramount cartoon Leprechaun’s Gold – all in beautiful 35mm! For information on this screening and tickets, go to the Wexner Center website.

On Sunday, the 28th, there are three free open-to-the-public events: In the Grand Lounge, The Ohio State University Faculty Club, 181 South Oval Dr. at 1:00 pm, Milestones of the International Museum of Cartoon Art: A panel discussion with former trustees Brian Walker, Jerry Robinson, and Arnold Roth. At 2:15 pm Keynote Speaker Jim Borgman (Zits) will give an opening address. An Exhibition Opening and Reception at the Hopkins Hall Gallery + Corridor, will commence at 3:30pm. Refreshments will be served. For more information, check the Cartoon Library website.

  • Chris Sobieniak

    Nice to see an Ohio city get recognition for once (sad it’s not mine). :-)

  • Daniel J. Drazen

    I wonder if the OSU Cartoon Museum contains any work from Columbus, Ohio native James Thurber.

    My favorite comment about “101 Dalmatians” came from a reviewer who pointed out that Cruella DeVil is more of a villain now than in 1961 because she chain smokes and wears fur. “If you chain smoked and wore fur [40] years ago, so what, everyone else did. You chain smoke and wear fur nowadays, you may as well just be a Nazi.”

  • Trevor

    Brave Little Tailor and Dalmatians? I’m checking flight prices right now.

  • Pez

    Make sure if you go to Columbus that you look up the Thurman Cafe in German Village. If you are man enough you should eat the Thurman Burger or the Thurmandelphia Steak Sub.


    Man vs Food has an episode about the place.


  • Pez

    Daniel J. Drazen, there is the James Thurber House close to the art school. (Columbus College of Art and Design)

  • Mark Lensenmayer

    I’m definitely planning on being there. Just saw THE WOLFMAN last night outdoors at the Wexner…they pull up a truck and show it 35mm! Free popcorn and ice cream, too!

  • Clay

    Are you kidding me?

    I live in columbus, ohio. But tomorrow Im moving me and all my crap to virginia.

    this blows….