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Artist of the Day: Ronald Wimberly

Ronald Wimberly

Ronald “d-pi” Wimberly is an artist who has worked in film, fashion, comics, and most recently, animation.

Ronald Wimberly

He is the author of the comic book Prince of Cats, which was published by Vertigo. As his foray into the animation production world, Ronald has been designing characters on Black Dynamite: The Animated Series for Titmouse.

Ronald Wimberly

Ronald’s artwork often features figures in action, stretching and lunging through exaggerated space. He posts a lot of new work on his blog.

Ronald WimberlyRonald Wimberly
  • Evan English

    I’m definitely feeling the influence of Shinichiro Watanabe in these drawings, and especially Samurai Champloo. This is nice, colorful stuff! Thanks for sharing.

  • Prince of Cats was my favorite comic book of last year. (I admit it — I was late to the party.) Mixing Romeo & Juliet, Wild Style, Wu-Tang Clan and Brandon Graham-style puns, P.o.C. is a hilarious, action-packed read from start to fin. The art is g-g-g-GORGEOUS. Soooooooooooo good!

  • I rather enjoy Black Dynamite, if mostly for the insanity.

  • Awesome! Love his work and first saw it on the comic “Sentences”. More of cats like these please!