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This Graphic Novel Has Something Inside That Others Don’t: Animation

In conjunction with the release of sci-fi graphic novel Anomaly, an app (for iPhone/iPad/Android) brings the book’s characters to life through augmented reality technology. As seen in the trailer, the user points his or her smartphone at the pages of the book, transforming two-dimensional static characters into fully animated 3D models with interactive features. Additionally, the app reveals plot details and images that cannot be experienced through simply reading the book.

Augmented reality, defined as a screen or other device that overlays computer-generated data onto the real world, has been around for a while, with Google Glass being the most recent and talked about iteration. But augmented reality has never quite caught on with the mainstream, perhaps because there’s an underlying Minority Report-like creepiness that’s unsettling for most. But if you move past that, augmented reality could become a promising experimental playground for visual artists. At the very least, as is the case with Anomaly, it has the potential to offer more opportunities for collaboration between storytellers, illustrators and animators.

  • Fantastic idea! What a great way to marry books and technology.

  • T_Mug

    This looks fantastic, I can’t wait for more quality stories being given life through this ‘book-app-AR’ combo meal.

  • bc

    Reminds me of “Bottom of the Ninth”, a graphic novel done by Ryan Woodward.

    • AmidAmidi

      This is a PRINT book with AR. That was an APP. Two different things.

      • Caitlin

        That doesn’t make bc’s association irrelevant. Why would you even snap about something like that?

        • AmidAmidi

          I’m sorry you interpreted the comment as ‘snapping’ because that wasn’t the intent.

  • Robert Kohr

    I always find augmented reality interesting. Mostly in that its a tough call to add to something. An app usually survives on its own, when it invloves the user also purchasing a book or other physical component the use of that aspect int he app decreases.

  • Animation Outsourced Studios

    What an App, it definitely made reading and learning more fun. I wish this type of App would greatly improved in the coming months..

  • Ken

    Funny dig on Marvel and DC. Not quite true though