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Betty Boop and Felix


Does anyone remember this short lived comic strip (1984-1988) by The Walker Brothers (Brian, Morgan, Greg, and Neal, the sons of Beetle Bailey’s Mort)? This was the height of Garfield’s popularity, and the thought of pairing these two classic, and essentially orphaned, properties must have been intriguing to King Featuures.

I just found this Sunday page from January 13th 1985 while I was rumaging through my files this weekend. Not a particularly funny entry, but it’s all I have as reference. Was this ever reprinted in book form? Or is it anywhere on the internet?

  • Steveg
  • God, this is swell! But why didn’t they try to syndicate a new version of The Tracy Twins? I always loved that in my cousin’s Boy’s Life.

  • Maynerd

    No, but Betty Boop has a nice set of cans in that image. Are they real?

  • Mark McDermott

    Yeah, in 1987-88 I worked for a “penny saver” ad paper, writing filler for any space that wasn’t filled with ads. King Features sent a weekly slick book with pre-statted clip art, gossip columns no one would pay for, and various plugola disguised as columns. The book also had some old comics from their vaults, and for a while “Betty Boop and Felix” was being offered (free), along with some old Krazy Kats. Sorry to say I never saved any of it.

  • One of the daily strips is reprinted on page 150 of Jim Korkis and John Cawley’s Cartoon Confidental (published by Maibu Graphrics, Inc., in 1991). “Gee, Felix, New York is so beautiful at night,” says Betty, leaning over her apartment balcony, “I wonder what exciting things are going on behind those windows?”. “Buncha cleaning ladies with mops,” thinks Felix.

    The book explains that the strip started on November 19th 1984, and “featured the classic Betty Boop costume, including the famous garter. The pair lived in a spacious and expensive New York apartment. The strip was a gag-a-day style that revolved around Betty working as an actress and model. Felix, for the most part, never taked but communicated through thought balloons. He was more than Betty’s pet; he had a life of his own. While Betty associated with the beautiful people, Felix partied with his back alley pals”.

  • Stephen DeStefano

    I definitely remember it Jerry–it was still being produced my first few years at King. No disrespect intended, but I was always pretty underwhelmed by this effort.

  • Pedro Nakama

    I’m voting for Betty Boop for President!

  • Reader

    Betty has a mighty low-sling chest happening there! Yikes.

  • Gee, what happened to BETTY’S breasts? Is this the result of going braless?

  • “Gee, what happened to BETTY’S breasts?”

    Maybe Betty forgot to read the instructions before using Grampy’s cosmetic surgery machine.

  • Fred Cline

    They accidentally used the small template for her head – they should have used the medium template. And they couldn’t even FIND the hand templates!

  • Felix

    It’s actually mentioned in Mort Walker’s Private Scrapbook, page 137. Very funny. I’m looking for this too now. It ran from 1984 to 1988. I’m going to write to Mort Walker to see if I can find some more info about what newspapers carried this!