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Bizarro Christmas

Today’s Bizarro by Dan Piraro.

  • What an appropriate cartoon to post after last night’s debate on Stu’s Show over the top 10 Christmas Specials of all time. Nice seguay, Jerry.

  • Where’s Frosty??

  • Chuck R.

    Love the drawing, but of course, no ghost-of-Christmas-specials would be complete without a Heat Miser head.

  • Piraro is, in my opinion, the best single panel writer/artist currently working in comic strips.

  • Spock Foolish

    It’s a good cartoon, but the second line is extraneous, and kills the punch of the first, better line, IMO.

  • Paul N





  • James

    Brevity is the soul of wit.

  • I disagree, Mr. Foolish, the second line is where the “truth” is, as Kurtzman used to phrase it.

  • Easily the best single panel cartoonist since the departure of Gary Larson. Filled the void very nicely, yet stands on its own merit.

  • Christopher Cook

    I’ll take the specials’ songs over the Christmas songs I hear at work done with the American Idol posturing any day.

  • Mario

    The Grinch music is the only one I can’t forget…Did “A Charlie Brown Christmas” have any [origional] songs in it? I only remember the piano music…

  • Paul N

    Mario, the music in “Charlie Brown Christmas” was all original music by Vince Guaraldi. It’s become ubiquitous since, but that stuff was written for that show.

  • Chris Sobieniak

    I often refer to Charlie Brown, The Grinch and Rudolph as the Holy Trinity of Christmas Specials, due to their longevity and continual pop culture status (as well as merchandising potentials along the way).

  • Well, it’s not *all* original, as the special has a lot of stuff like “Greensleeves” and “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing”. But yeah, “Christmastime is Here” and “Linus and Lucy” and other music was new in the special.

    It’s all arranged by Vince Guaraldi, though, yeah.

  • The Guaraldi score won a ton of awards and accolades, and is probably the best selling TV Special Soundtrack ever. On the same par w/ Looney Tunes “Merry-go-round broke down”, as far as identifiability with TV viewers.

  • Daniel J. Drazen

    My favorite network executive comment about “A Charlie Brown Christmas” when it was previewed: “The Bible thing scares us.” They didn’t warm up to the Vince Guaraldi score either.

  • I have a funny Christmas story behind this.

    My mother and I love this comic, but when we found it, we thought we could make christmas cards out of it(just enlarge it and put in the copy machine to send others with a greeting on the inside) for our love ones. Just as we were about to do it, the page it was on caught on fire because we had one of our tea candles lit. We lost the page as well as the comic. Glad I found it here after yesterday!

    Great job with the comic.


    Foohooo foray daa hoo doorray welcome welcome Christmas cheer….bla bla bla mean one Mr. Grinch, you’ll go down in history…. It just never stops!!!! It’s almost new years eve and still the songs are ringing in my ears!!! Even when I went to take back some gifts I hated…. rather have a gift card? Anyone feel that way?