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Bob Clampett’s first cartoons

Animator Mark Kausler blogs about his latest discovery – Bob Clampett’s first published cartoon art. It’s from 1925 and was published in the L.A. Junior Times, a children’s supplement to the popular newspaper that encouraged amateur artists to send in their work. Clampett had several pieces printed during the summer that year and Kausler opines how these foreshadow things to come. Read it here.

  • The Gee

    I looked at it yesterday and hope there are many more comments on Kausler’s blog post.

    It is pretty cool. If you think about it, there was a point when young cartoonists began to draw in what is considered a cartoony style. Prior to that point, there wasn’t a lot of caricatured styles and approaches to influence the kids.

    So, it is awfully nice to see this. It is also interesting how we can sort of trace, by later day interviews with the artist or by examples of a cartoonist’s or animator’s early attempts, when they began dedicating themselves to the craft or the artform.

    Other than film makers, most of the early attempts of other kinds of artists might not even be novel. For instance, an writer’s earliest works from when they were really young may be crappy or not so special, typical. A sculptor’s may be very limited to material and tools they could use, etc.

    But, drawing doesn’t take much in materials and most kids will draw. Not all of them will cherish or preserve their early attempts at doodling or fully formed attempts at cartooning though. Or, so it seems…..

    Anyway, cool.

  • I’ve got some of the yearbooks from his High School which feature cartoons he drew too.