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Bob Scott’s “Molly and The Bear”

Pixar animator Bob Scott (Day and Night, Toy Story 3) has been drawing a delightful comic strip, Molly and the Bear, for the past few years. It’s worth a read any ol’ time, but this week is a great place to jump in: the strip introduces an animation theme many of our readers can relate to. The current continuity started Monday (7/4), and you can catch up with the whole strip at the Molly and The Bear website.

  • Great comic style! Awesome designs, solid blacks, and textures. As audience member, would’ve loved to comment on the page itself, but gocomics makes you sign in. Hey Bob, just get the wordpress template called comicspress and use that! Most webcomics are using it, and it’ll make it easier for your fans to interact with you : )

  • Sardonic Tuba

    Aside from the June 11 strip shamelessly recycling two old “Doonesbury” gags, the art is pretty nice.

  • snip2354





    A comic.

    …. I must follow this.

  • Jed G Martinez

    I’ve already visited Bob Scott’s strip in GoComics (prior to reading your article, Jerry), and I love it! It’s far superior to comics like Bill Watterson’s “Calvin & Hobbes” – in that the bear is REAL (and not the child’s imagination at work), and the situations are LOL funny! Here’s hoping that Mr. Scott will come up with more comic material – during lulls between future Pixar productions!

    • obj_solid

      But Hobbes being real and then not was one of the funniest parts of Calvin and Hobbes.

  • greg m.

    Bob is one talented mofo!! Interesting note is that he, Dan Jeup and Butch Hartman all knew each other in Michigan before they all got accepted into CalArts. Must have been something in the water! ;)

  • Love it! Love it. Haven’t seen a comic this “animated” and appealing since Calvin and Hobbes.

  • Yes, we want this theme to be brought up again and again and yes, let’s have a traditional animation renaissance, say, just for the heck of it. Old school: pencil and paper, yes, Bob, but independent animators would never have been able to afford 35mm film. 8mm or Super 8 is more like it, maybe 16.
    Keep up the cause! I’ve been drawing animation for over 30 years (I’m a college teacher now & make indie 2D films), I love 3D (when it’s done right), yet I’ve NEVER met a single person who does NOT like, even LOVE, hand drawn animation, & I talk to people all the time. Isn’t that interesting……PS. Europe and Japan combine 2D and 3D regularly in their films; there is NO debate there. Smart.

  • johnbigbooteh

    Great strip, great guy. Worked with Bob for years. Super talented. All the best Bob.