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Conan O’Brien visits Warner Bros. Animation

From last night’s show, Conan O’Brien riffs on lesser DC comics characters with creative director Peter Girardi and, about 5 minutes in, works with Bruce Timm to design a superhero version of himself:

  • Great piece and great to see Bruce Timm at work as well! Here’s a piece on the first time Conan entered the animation arena:
    (use Firefox if you encounter download weirdness)

  • Ama

    I enjoyed that way more than I should have. It was really unexpected to see Bruce Timm there! And Conan is great, as always.

  • Pretty cool to see a talk show host visiting an animation studio of all places. I like how the Conan superhero turned out, heh heh.

  • Looks like his new low-budget digs haven’t made him any less amusing. Maybe more so?

  • Mike Fontanelli

    Ha! Bruce does a great job keeping a straight face for as long as he can. I’m ready for the pilot episode – sock garters and all.

    • Jenny

      Bruce definitely keeps a portrait in the attic. Not a bad drawing either, eh? Man!

  • Sun

    Ha ha ha!!! Absolutely amazing.

  • red pill junkie

    I LOL’d at Conan’s emphasis that D.C. has *some* of the best animators. He’s probably pitching a film idea to Pixar as we speak ;)

  • Autumn

    This was amazing. I fangirled a little bit when I saw Bruce Timm. It was as if Conan had no idea who he was sitting next to.

  • Corrine

    He got to meet Bruce Timm! Awesome and funny.

  • Steven M.

    That was great.

  • Alberto

    Dream office!!

  • Norm

    Who was that red headed guy with Bruce Timm?

    • Iritscen

      Exactly! I really like Conan, but if I walk into a room with both Conan and Bruce in it, first thing I’m doing is making a beeline over to Mr. Timm to shake his hand and pepper him with questions about his work.

      • Dave

        Just so long as you don’t expect him to answer any of your questions! LOL

    • funny how Bruce Timm (a celeb in the animation world, and responsible for one of the best shows in the 90s)
      is seen as just an ordinary Draftsman

  • I disagree with Conan about “Ultra the Multi Alien”. He’s not lame, he’s awesome! We even gave him a cameo on B:TB&tB!

    • Jake

      William! Shouldn’t you be working? Get back to your color scripts! NOW!

      With Love,

      Green Lantern Crew

  • Lyle

    that was great!

  • Ha! Hilarious!

  • Keith

    “Bruce Timm – Animator” That’s just not enough of a title.

    Great segment, though. In Captain Boomerang’s defense, he ditched the ‘perm’ years ago.

    PS – Conan, Ultra’s fiery leg isn’t longer than his chicken leg, it’s just not bent at the knee like the chicken leg is!

  • ovidiu nedelcu


    thats awesome.

    great seeing bruce again…and drawing!
    its been 10 years.

  • The Gee

    That is pretty cool.

    One of things about him that I appreciate is that O’Brien can draw.
    In that link J.J. included, there’s a couple of pages of rough cartoon heads.
    But, they aren’t completely incompetent drawings. Whew.

    The fact that he can come at it from a visual angle does occasionally show up in his comedy.
    Actually, in the early years of his NBC show there were stop motion animated christmas cartoons. It was either one involving potatoes or there was another one, too. Not sure if they are online or not but they had maybe 3-5 stop motion cartoons that they made or had made back during the 90s.

    Then, less professionally than the Community episode featured elsewhere on this site, there was a full length stop motion show they did. Enh. It was clay animation that rarely took it to a different level where it was justified to animate it.

    • rnigma

      Well, Conan did write for “The Simpsons,” so he’s no stranger to working in animation.

      • The Gee

        I often state the obvious so I didn’t bother mentioning that. There’s been books that have included that fact, right?

        Being a writer for the Simpsons or any animation production doesn’t mean the person is going to approach their writing from a strong visual POV, or that they bring other tools to the table to help make good cartoons or other types of comedy.

        A lot of comedy writers just write jokes and gags. They can string them together in some story fashion but it is the spoken more often than any sight gags. Which is why I wrote that and am writing this, I guess.

        I just appreciate where he’s coming from, I suppose.

        oh yeah:


  • Charlie

    Boy, that was alot of fun. I especially enjoyed Conan working with Bruce Timm.

    Also, I love the publicity for The Milt Gross Collection!

  • yeppers, i am so stoked (and uncharacteristically humbled) that my book “the complete milt gross comic books and life story” is so prominently displayed! :)

  • snip234

    Bruce worked in animation for decades, but if I didn’t know any better, I would think he was 20 years old!!!

  • AdrianC.

    I found that segment to be a delightful surprise. I never expected Bruce Timm to be there but it was a treat when he did. He laughed too. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Bruce Timm loose his composure like that.

  • james madison

    Good post!!!

  • Gerard de Souza

    Snapper Carr. He’s the lamest DC character.

  • That was great, loved the fishnets! I’d love to see Conan the super hero in a regular spot on the show.

    • Well, that segment did end with the words “To be continued” so lets hope we get to see more.

  • Richard

    Conan himself has admitted to being an animation nerd (like us). Click the link below, a Q&A from San Francisco Sketchfest (WARNING: NSFW):

  • Richard

    Also of note is that, in the same episode, Andy Richter remarks to Conan that he resembles “Jonny Quest” character Dr. Benton Quest.

  • Dr. Ivo Robotnik


    Bruce Timm: “AAWK! *whistle* In your dreams…”