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Family Circus 3/13/08


Wink-wink, nudge-nudge… An in-joke in today’s Family Circus. The strip’s creator, Bil Keane, is Glen Keane’s father. Jeffy (aka Jeff Keane) is Glen’s brother.

  • Lucy

    In the words of my brother:
    “Well, Billy, you better get yourself a computer!”

  • Now how come Glen isn’t a character in the Family Circus?

  • Does this comic go out of it’s way to be as unfunny as possible? It’s so bad it’s depressing.

  • “Now how come Glen isn’t a character in the Family Circus?”

    He is, Glen is Billy..or should that be Billy is Glen?

    A few years back Family Circus also did a Disney’s Tarzan reference gag.

  • FP

    FAMILY CIRCUS has evoked Glen Keane before:

  • joecab

    And just to clarify, that’s Billy in the strip above, not Jeffy, who has wavy red hair.

  • Jim Davis

    Because Glen IS funny.

  • Shouldn’t he be on a computer then?

  • FC is a great classic strip. When I was younger I never thought it was funny, and true, I don’t usually guffaw at it’s humor, but it is smart and we are sorely lacking in intelligent media these days. I was delighted (as I always am) to see an anchor to something close to my heart in popular media.

  • That is so darling!
    It’s going right on the ‘fridge!
    Of course, it’ll be hard to find room, as my refridgerator is aready a veritable shrine to the venerable classic comic strip that is “The Family Circus”!!!

  • Rhett Wickham

    Indeed, John? The WHOLE fridge?

    My own fridge is covered with reviews of (and interviews with the directors of) the films that I personally love that critics (and indiscreet colleagues) saw fit to trash. Go figure.

    Speaking of cows, if you think about it, any cow who boasts of a preference for steak over hamburger obviously hasn’t looked in the charnal house mirror and noticed that, regardless of taste, half their ass is still missing.

  • Please stop trying to make the Family Circus relevant.

    Plus, didn’t that guy work on Treasure Planet, the movie that lost more than $150 million for Disney and practically killed their 2-D theatrical department?

  • joecab

    Or are you thinking of the supervising animator for Ariel, the Beast, AND Aladdin, which all brought Disney’s animation business roaring back?

  • When Billy grows up his dreams will be shattered… This is such a depressing comic strip…

  • Marc Crisafulli

    And don’t forget all that funny holiday business with Willie the Giant!

  • Bwahahhahaaaaa…hahaha…ha…haha……huh?

    I don’t get it.

    If only eight people in the world will get your joke, invite them to your house and share it over dinner. Don’t stick it in a nationally syndicated newspaper strip. Newspapers are depressing enough without laughless comics.

    I can understand if a joke bombs. Sometimes jokes are even funny in spite of or because they bomb. But if you write a joke thinking “a quick Google search, and a wikipedia article later they’ll be in stitches,” well, that’s unforgivable. And sadly, not funny.

  • Joseph Nebus

    You don’t get a joke about a camel being cast as the Hunchback of Notre Dame?

    Yes, the in-joke requires some specialized information to get (or to tell that there is a joke present), but the joke that’s actually on the page is — well, you may or may not find it amusing, but anyone who knows what a camel is gets the joke that’s actually there. The in-joke is a bonus to the people who happen to know the secret Keane family connection.

  • Zep

    The joke here isn’t the “in joke” of Glen=Billy at all. It’s that the kid’s just drawn a camel, and thinks with perfect kid logic/genius that a camel would be perfect casting for the “hunchback” in an animated film. Like, say, that Disney one, “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”–never mind that it’s already been done.

    I mean, it’s why he’s shown drawing a camel. If he were drawing a rabbit and saying “Someday I’ll animate for Disney!” I’d better understand the eyerolling here.

    Okay, it’s not a sidesplitter, but as far as I know Family Circus hasn’t ever tried to be hilarious, but merely a gentle observation of family life…isn’t it? I think I’ve read too that this strip as well as many others with its longevity often uses ideas and real life anecdotes readers send in. It’s entirely possible that some real kid out there in the heartland sat down, drew a camel and said this, and their parents sent their cute story to Bil Keane.
    But man, the dripping, skidding cynicism of you guys!