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Flea Market Discovery #2

The Art of Film

This one is a real headscratcher. It’s a poster from 1972 called “The Art of Film” yet it has nothing to do with film. Rather it’s a random collection of sketches by animation artists and illustrators, mostly from the New York scene.

It includes doodles by John Hubley and a painting by Fred Mogubgub:
The Art of Film

Drawings by Rowland B. Wilson, George Cannata Jr. and “Gyo”, who I assume is children’s book illustrator Gyo Fujikawa:
The Art of Film

A pair of lips drawn by Bill Littlejohn with the words “Animation is Beautiful” and a drawing by West Coast illustrator Ed Renfro of a man on a bench giving the piece sign:
The Art of Film

Drawings by Seymour Chwast, Dolores Cannata, Gordon Bellamy, “Sculenberg”, and Murakami-Wolf:
The Art of Film

Other artists who contributed include Jimmy Murakami, Chris Ishii, B. Simpson, Kim & Gifford, Bill Melendez, Lee Savage, Henry Syverson, Ed Smith, Irene Trivas, and Henry Fernandes.

  • George

    Oh man Amid, that is awesome, just the kind of thing I go to the flea market every weekend for and hope to find. Does it have any printer or copyright info on it?

  • George

    You know Amid, I did some quick research, and there was a show produced in the 60’s and 70’s in New York called “The Art of Film” hosted by Stanley Kauffmann. Perhaps this poster was made for that show?

  • amid

    That’s a possibility, George. Hubley appeared on “The Art of Film” show, but I’m not aware of any of these other artists appearing on it. Maybe it was a fundraiser for the program?

  • Good eye there:P

  • Bill Field

    All of the art is by film maker/animators, so quite literally it is the ART(ISTS) of FILM on the poster.

  • Strawdog

    Any chance of a larger image?

  • doug holverson

    Whoa! Lovely ’70s period cartoon style!

    Besides the Pointed Man from “The Point”, are any other of these other drawings tied to any projects?

  • jean morel

    I want it! how much?

  • Jeff Renfro

    I have a huge collection of art work by Ed Renfro if you would like to see, 707 972 2906-Jeff Renfro