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“Frog Raccoon Strawberry” Takes on Grumpy Cartoon Historians

Amid Amidi

In today’s edition of Kyle Carrozza and John Berry’s Frog Raccoon Strawberry, January and Strawberry attend a cartoon convention where they encounter a grouchy and pedantic animation historian named Imad Imadi. I’m so glad I don’t know anybody like that.

(Thanks, TempleDog)

  • Hahaha, love it!

  • Well, I’m glad you at least have a sense of humor.

  • I’m really glad you’ve got a sense of humor about it, Amid. :)

  • well done doing what you do amid, despite all the broad potshots aimed your way. I guess anyone who suggests animation be subjected to the same rigorous critical analysis as, say, film, is a big ol’ grouch, huh? In my experience though, earning any sort of insult from a Seth Mcfarlane apologist is a pretty good day. I guess your commentary just doesn’t have enough ‘edgy’ rape jokes in it for some.

    • Wow, way to paint a cartoonist who made a silly joke with an even wider brush stroke than you accuse them of using.

      • I like to think I made no assumptions about Kyle’s character. chatted with him a bit, way back when we were both on deviantart, he seems like a nice dude. Maybe he isn’t even a Family Guy apologist. My criticisms were aimed more at Family Guy itself.

  • Darkblader

    Not sounding rude here Amid, but you do realize that the artist is poking fun at you right?

    • I’m pretty sure he’s aware of it. It’s hard to get sarcasm across the internet!

      • Yes… sometimes extremely hard, apparently…

      • it´s just that to some people sarcasm needs that ¨rolling the eyes¨ thing to sell it.

        But That is not the case of Darkblader…(eyes roll)

  • Oddone

    To be fair, I have the exact same reaction when people mention “family guy” around me.

    • I have that reaction too! I guess no one can really blame you… hehehe!

      • I just can’t get mad at Family Guy. You have to be awake for that.

  • Hahaha, its about time someone took a few jabs at you ;p

  • Julian Carter

    Hihi Amid! xD This strip may be poking fun at you but I hope it gave you a good laugh. I love the way they drew you in Panel 3!

  • 2011 Adult

    I was wondering what this comic, which I have been following since it started on the Dumm Comics website, has anything to do with Cartoon Brew (besides Kyle posting here sometimes), until I read into the description and took some time for the name of the new character to kick in.




    :D :D :D :D :D

  • tamera

    its ok amid! i like you and this comic! frs is doing really good nowadays.

  • top cat james

    They should have included a booth selling the Filmation book next to Amid’s table.

  • Joe McCabe

    It still blows my mind that people find Amid grouchy when Michael “The only worthwhile Pixar films are Brad Bird’s and Monsters Inc.” Barrier still draws breath. Keep in mind that I love Barrier and agree with him most of the time, but NOTHING Amid has written comes anywhere close to “The rest [i.e. Up, Wall-E and Toy Story 3] is dross.”

  • Anthony D.

    Ooooooh! Amid you just got pwned!!! :D

    Not being mean, btw.

  • pasta rick

    ooh snap ouch dissss

  • Way to go, Amid! I always knew you were a Phineas and Ferb fan deep down… This really warms my heart! :)

  • hitface

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  • Jorge Garrido

    u mad?

    Obviously not.

  • Oh noes! If you’re not careful he’ll re-post a work email address that you yourself make freely available at your own Web site!