Greg Ford animates Tom Gammill’s <em>The Doozies</em> Greg Ford animates Tom Gammill’s <em>The Doozies</em>

Greg Ford animates Tom Gammill’s The Doozies

When I was at Ohio State in Columbus this past weekend I had the pleasure of meeting writer Tom Gammill, who (along with his partner Max Pross) has written some of the funniest episodes of Seinfeld, The Critic, the Simpsons and Futurama. Tom also writes and draws the weekly daily online comic strip The Doozies and started an online series of humorous “How To Draw” videos (several featuring guest cartoonists and celebrity friends).

In episode 17, Gammill visits Greg Ford’s studio in New York to watch a work-in-progress of a Doozies animated cartoon. Gammill first met Ford back in 1986 when they co-wrote the Looney Tunes 50th Anniversary Special for NBC. Let’s see how Ford is doing…

  • Tom Gammill

    Thanks for posting this, Jerry.

    The Doozies is DAILY at !

  • uncle wayne

    Ohhhhhh, my Gawrd! I had not seen Greg (and/or Ronnie) since the Thalia days….which is, literally, 3 decades ago!! Thank you for a very fond memory! Sooooo good 2 c them again….and that they’re still “in the business!” Yayyy!

  • Tom Gammill and Max Pross are brilliant. Two of the my favorite writers. Thanks for posting this.

  • Gotta love that animation camera stand . I hear Mark Kausler’s new short is being shot on that stand (like Kausler’s brilliant “It’s the Cat”) . All is not AfterEffects , Flash, and ToonBoom. (thank goodness)

  • The first four scenes were brilliant!

  • Dean

    Greg is fortunate that all the parts are still working on that swell camera rig.

  • Shout out to Larry Q! He’s the best. Adrian too!

  • Katie Lennon

    Shout out to Greg from his old friend in L.A.!! Loved the clip. Looking forward to the Jerry Lewis Labor Day telethon as always!

  • Terry Lennon

    Great to see you haven’t lost your chops! Walter Lantz would have been proud of you.