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Harvey Comic Art exhibit


The Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco will be presenting a major exhibit of Harvey Comics artwork, “From Richie Rich to Wendy the Witch: The Art of Harvey Comics” from June 28 through November 30. Casper, Wendy, Richie Rich, Hot Stuff, Sad Sack, Joe Palooka, Little Dot, Little Audrey and many more will be showcased with original art from various Harvey comic books and merchandise by stalwarts such as Warren Kremer (1921-2003), who along with animator Steve Muffatti (1880-1968), defined the Harvey look.

The exhibition features artwork by Warren Kremer, Ernie Colón, Sid Couchey, Howard Post, Fred Rhoads, Ham Fisher, Dom Sileo, Marty Taras, and many more. Image above, a Bill Tytla Little Audrey gag drawing, will not be in the show (but you can click here to see a larger image). Details regarding the opening reception and other upcoming Harvey events will be announced shortly on the Museum’s website.

(Thanks, Karl Cohen)

  • Thank you, Jerry! A perfect op to “vent” my (extreme) joy of having bought….and severely viewing, the (8-disc!!) “Harveytoons: Complete Series” DVD! I am enjoying every thin frame of ’em!! Sorry…I just hadda tell ya! It is superb!

  • That illustration is the same as the first cover of the St. John Audrey comic. I think the Tytla sketch the the better drawn of the two (which goes without saying)