HOW-TO: Big Pants Mouse Comic HOW-TO: Big Pants Mouse Comic

HOW-TO: Big Pants Mouse Comic

Gabe Swarr, an animation director at Nick by day, is the creator of the Big Pants Mouse comic strip which appears weekly at He created this two-part video that documents the process of making one of the strips. It’s interesting to hear him talk about the extensive asset system he’s created for the characters in Flash, which as he hints at in the video, would be transferable to animation should he ever make a Big Pants Mouse animated project in the future.

  • Dave!

    The videos were interesting, I love to see artists work. The soundtrack, however, was *awful*.

  • squirrel

    I been following this comic for years and NEVER knew this guy was an animation director! Of what?

  • Thanks for sharing the magic Gabe!

  • Trevour

    Animating with a symbol-based system to be so mechanical. It’s not fluid like traditional at all. I see the point, cause it saves time, but there’s no spontinaity in it.

    Congrats Gabe on the strip though. Really well done.

  • I watched this a few days ago. Awesome insight! Makes me feel better about vectoring art in Flash.

    I gotta get myself a Wacom soon…

  • QuickPaw,
    If you can, get a Cintiq. It will really speed up the production!

  • Eddy From Canada

    Larry Fast is the (synth) keyboard player for this background music. Perhaps not a perfect match here of song and visuals, but Larry’s full body of work/albums is well worth investigating. Albums released under the name ‘Synergy’. High quality stuff, you betcha.

  • Gabe Swarr! *swoon*

  • Bugs Jetstone

    Love this! Thanks for shining a light on a worthy web comic and a great animation talent.

  • VERY cool stuff! I learned a few things1

    SHAMELESS plug:
    I, too, do a strip in Flash (though not using color at the moment). Check out my weekly alt. strip, “Faultlines” here:


  • Cool stuff! Awesome Pants!