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Iron Man

I just caught the teriffic trailer for next year’s big budget live action Iron Man movie. Looks like they nailed it – but we’ll wait and see.

Of course I couldn’t help but think about how far we’ve come from those cheapie Marvel Super Heroes cartoons from the late 1960s. Actually. most of us who grew up with these god-awful things have fond memories of them. At the time, it was all we had. Among its assets, John Vernon (“Dean Wormer” from Animal House) as the voice of Tony Stark (he also did double duty as Sub-Mariner), and the Iron Man theme song is a classic.

  • It looks like Don Heck’s original drawings were copied by the cut-out animators. He did the character in the Tales of Suspense series before Gene Colon.

    I think the Sub-Mariner animation cut-outs from the Tales to Astonish series were originally drawn, or at least inked by Marie Severin. Sometimes Bill Everett inked but he didn’t do pencils on the Sub-Mariner part of the book. He was still fighting alcoholism when he came back to Marvel.

  • Pat

    I watched Flash Gordon (1980) last night and Timothy Dalton would have been a spot on Tony Stark.

  • It’s a shame Iron Man has been transformed into a joke in the comics. Bad writing decisions have made him someone most every reader now despises.

    Not quite… in my opinion, Dalton lacked the charm that Tony Stark once had. I wasn’t so sure about Downey Jr. as Stark, but he DOES have the style and wit that anyone playing Stark needs, at least.

  • Mike Royer (better known for his work on Disney’s Winnie the Pooh)worked on these Marvel cartoons for Grantray-Lawerence straight out of high school and has told us that among his bosses was Doug Wildey. Much of Mike’s art is identifiable in the inbetweens or sequences not based on the comic art. In fact, according to Royer, Marvel sent the animation studio a ton of their original early comic art to utilize for the animated show. When Grantray-Lawerence went under, it was still there the night before the sheriff came to lock up the building. Probably all got dumpstered.

    My husband is a huge fan of this animated series. Made him the comic book artist he is today.

  • “I wasn’t so sure about Downey Jr. as Stark, but he DOES have the style and wit that anyone playing Stark needs, at least.”

    Maybe they should call him Ironic Man instead.

  • Robert Schaad

    Exactly, Jerry these were all we had. As a kid, I used to write song parodies of the different character theme songs a la Mad Magazine (sung to the tune of…).

    If I’m remembering correctly, the host for the MMMS cartoons was Captain Universe. They may have even had more than one host with that moniker…and an occasional airing of the toons (I think) on the Bozo show.

  • Tom

    While those are spectacularly bad cartoons, we can at least -ahem- marvel at the drawings used in these animatic style offerings; drawings by Kirby, Ditko, Romita (I think), Heck and so many others. Sometimes, in an odd still drawing, these cartoons express more drama and mystery than any of their more animated counterparts ever have or ever could.

    And did you notice how Oscar-heavy the cast of Iron Man is, with wins and nominations scattered through the careers of all of the principal actors involved? If nothing else, this movie’s got a cast-iron pedigree.

  • Jim Engel

    Growing up in the ’60s, and happily in the grip of ’60s Marvel, I loved and STILL love the MARVEL SUPERHEROES cartoons. The voices, sound effects, and music are all perfect.

    I’ll take those much-ridiculed cartoons over all the big-budget movie adaptations of Marvel characters any day of the week.

    The MMMS march still gives me the chills, too.

  • I loved those cartoons as a kid! I saw them in the 1970’s, beat the snot out of the Sat. A.M. garbage that was on at the time.

  • c.tower

    Anyone know why they used “cut-out” animation for MARVEL SUPERHEROES and “regular” animation for SPIDERMAN? (Spidey obviously benefitted, as to this day it’s a more successful series…)

  • That theme song has been burned into my brain since I was 5, along with Thor and Hulk :)

  • Peter

    I disagree that this trailer was “terrific” — like Tom, I was impressed by the cast but the trailer completely turned me off. Some scenes looked like outtakes from that Shaq movie where he wore armor and fought crime.

  • OM

    …And considering how Stark’s such a tyrannical jerkwad over in the Marvel Universe these days, the revelation that the voice of Shellhead in the Grantray Lawrence “Xeroxtoons” was Dean Wormer puts a whole shitload of irony on the current Civil War debacle:

    “From now on, all unregistered superhumans are on Double-Secret Probation!”

    …All we need now is for Belushi to come back as Cap :-)

  • John Bezold

    The Marvel cartoon of the 60’s were my introduction to the incredble Marvel universe. Although many may be critical of the animation, the characterization especially the voices were right on the mark. These Marvel cartoons will always be my favorites.