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Jeff Smith at Wexner


The Wexner Center for The Arts at Ohio State University in Columbus is opening a show devoted to animator-turned-comic book great, Jeff Smith, in May. The exhibit will include about 70 original BONE pages and covers, work from his recent SHAZAM! series and current RASL project, and work by artists who have influenced him including Walt Kelly, Charles Schulz, Garry Trudeau, Carl Barks, George Herriman, E.C. Segar, and Will Eisner. Ohio State’s Cartoon Research Library will be hosting a sidebar show at the same time that features Jeff’s work when he was a cartoonist for the Ohio State student newspaper back in the 80s.

In addition, The Wexner Center will host a number of related panels and events, including a conversation between Jeff Smith and Scott McCloud on May 10th at 2pm; and A Looney Tunes Evening with Jeff Smith, where Jeff will introduce a selection of WB cartoons that most-influenced BONE (especially the Chuck Jones ‘hunting trilogy’), on June 5th at 7pm.

See the Wexner website for more information.

  • Paul N

    One of the only times in my life I’ve wanted to go to Ohio…

  • Kevin Martinez

    I’ve read some of Smith’s Bone material and I’ve liked what I read. He’s an excellent artist, and his writing is compelling. He’s one of my artistic influences.

    This “Looney Tunes that Inspired Bone” thing sounds intriguing. I’m thinking it will be mostly Chuck Jones shorts, but Maybe smith will throw out a Clampett at the most unexpected moment.

  • I grew up reading Bone comics, the artwork and the story always fascinated me and I can say that the comics really inspired me to get into making my own comic books and drawing in general.

  • Thanks for this post Jerry- I’ll take a little roadtrip down to Ohio and check it out on May 10. I think it’s just a few hours away from Ann Arbor :)

  • Barbara

    hell yeah! I’m right down the street! This eases the pain of me missing the worst cartoons ever you did up here a while ago…

  • Wonderful news. I just wish I could get to Ohio.

  • Hooray! Living in Ohio has finally paid off! I’m definitely going to attend. Especially since Scott McCloud is going to be there– his Understanding Comics (an subsequent books) are more relevant to all visual mediums than specifically comics.
    As for Bone, I’m still patiently collecting all the re-released full-color graphic novel volumes, though I’m still partial to the original black & white versions.
    Anyway, I still think the Stupid Rat Creatures had some of the best scenes…

  • Dave

    What news of the “Bone” feature film ? Will it still be 2D hand-drawn ?
    Last news was that Warner Bros. will finance and/or distribute (*shudder* remember “Iron Giant”) . Anyone know what’s up with the Bone movie ?

  • Mat

    I love the Bone books and the recent Captain Marvel (I refuse to call it Shazam) books we pretty good too. I wish I could be there.

  • Anyone living near Ohio would be crazy not to go.