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At the San Diego Comic Con, Slave Labor Graphics is premiering a new comic book called Jellyfist, wriiten by Jhonen Vasquez (Invader Zim) and illustrated by J.R. Goldberg (Eric Goldberg’s daughter Jenny). I have no idea what it’s about, but the press release is hilarious. Both of them will be at the Con signing the book, all four days (Thursday through Sunday).

  • charles

    Nice to see he was able to stop playing WOW long enough to do anything. I wonder how many creative souls that thing will crush.

  • Zach

    That is a unique collaboration if I ever heard one. I’m sorry, the fact that Eric Goldberg and Jhonen Vasquez have any sort of connection is making my brain hurt for some reason. Anyway, apparently, the two artists got into some bizarre arguments.

  • Eric Goldberg

    Um, read the blurb and the press release again: J.R. Goldberg, my DAUGHTER Jenny, did the illustrations and collaborated on the book with Jhonen. I’ve met the guy a couple of times though.

  • Kole Krek

    Wow, Jhonen finally did another book. I wish he would start drawing again, I’ve already read all my Books like 50 times and I NEED more reading material. Looking forward to seeing newcomer J.R. Goldberg’s first work. Overall the book looks crazy, but promising.

  • John “My Babies Have 20 Legs, 50 Arms and Tails” Pesina

    Man, I NEED to read Jellyfist. I have not seen a single panel of it, but I gotta see the book. I’m glad J.R. Goldberg got to work, with, who to me is the greatest gothic comic book artist and writer I’ve read about. I’d kill to work for him (Eric, sorry, but I’m looking in your direction).

    Anyways, I can’t wait to see it and…well that’s it.

  • i like this book alot. especially the art. woo-dawgy!

  • Jellyfist is absolutely amazing. I’ve read it through about 20 times since I bought it (which was yesterday) and I’m still amazed by it. The commentary I think adds to a lot of the randomness seen in the book.