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Kaz Underworld


This week’s Underworld comic strip from Kaz (Kazimieras G. Prapuolenis), the alternative cartoonist also known for his writing on Spongebob Squarepants and Camp Lazlo.

  • Mr. Woah

    That’s great.
    And yet, it’s somewhat depressing.

  • Funny, yet accurate. :]

  • Reminds me of a female executive that was hired when I worked in the Disney World Marketing art department. When she was given the tour of our department, she looked at some of the artwork that adorned our walls, exclaiming excitedly at one point, “Oh look, there’s Bambi – she’s always been one of my favourite characters!”

  • Oh man, this has happened to me so many times it’s almost not funny anymore.

    Q: “What you doing at Uni?”
    A: “An Animation degree”
    Q: “Oh, you mean like computers?”

    This was just today.

  • Now that, my friends, is what I consider a poser.

  • Danielle

    GagaMan: Sounds similar to a conversation I had with a soldier on an Amtrak train roughly ten years ago–

    “What’s your major in college?”
    “But don’t computers do all the work?”

    Some things never change, it seems…

  • Seems kind of snobby to me.

  • Esn

    When I was younger, and I first heard the words “they’re using computers now” in the mid-1990s, I too thought that some complicated computer program was now doing all the work (whereas “before it was all done by hand”).

    I think kids would be interested in seeing a bit of how these films are created – a little sequence which plays in the credits would do a lot.

    They used to credit the animators more than the voice actors (well, at least in the USSR they did), but that’s not really true now. For example, the 1961 feature film “The Key” had opening credits in which all of the film’s characters were shown one after the other beside the name of the person who animated them (rather than their voice actor).

  • GhaleonQ

    Stop everyone. I might cry if you continue.

  • tom

    I don’t think we should let this kind of thing continue. With CB, John K’s blog and the obvious anger seen in the short-lived but much missed Anibation blog, it seems that the time is ripe to roll the right heads and get some good (profitable, Mr. TV boss) cartoons back on the tube and in theaters.

    Can the Guild help here?

  • Yup. Had this conversation MANY times.

    People’s eyes light up when they hear the words ‘I’m a cartoonist’ only because it’s uncommon and interesting, even though they know nothing about it.
    My occupation and my accent (Australian) makes me apparently the coolest person in the world to many Americans. Go fig.

  • captain murphy

    She only likes single panel gag cartoons.