Looney Tunes #150 Looney Tunes #150

Looney Tunes #150



It’s an all-star extravaganza as Daffy details his long, illustrious movie career. But the real highlight is the art by some contemporary cartoonists not normally associated with Looney Tunes material, including Neal Sternecky, Stephen DeStefano (see panel below), Peter Bagge, Bob Fingerman, Scott Shaw!, Mike Kunkel, Aaron Renier and Chynna Clugston. A very cool way to celebrate a milestone issue.

  • Mr. Woah

    If Stephen DeStefano is involved, I’m definitely getting it.

  • Bob

    I picked it up yesterday and Stephen rocks as usual!

  • Christopher Cook

    Harkens back to the Rod Scribner school of rubbery expressions. The panel above itself looks terrific.

  • Looks (and sounds) great. Too bad they can’t handle the Looney Tunes property in general with this kind of prestige.

    I mean, really…”Baby Looney Tunes”? Yuck.

  • In the series run, quite a few stories, in my opinion, could’ve made for very enjoyable cartoon shorts. The stories mixed characters together like Wile/Playboy Penguin, Sylvester/Taz, Pepe/Taz, Pete Puma/Foghorn, 3 Bears/Daffy etc…I will be picking up this issue tomorrow!

  • Stephen DeStefano

    thanks for the kind words folks, and also to Jerry for the post.

  • I’ll be picking this up as well. I love DeStefano stuff – Stephen, your Daffy is EXCELLENT!

  • Thanks for the plugola, Jerry. I’m proud to be in such esteemed company!

    Speaking of hype, I oughtta mention that this issue was written by Joey Cavalieri, who’s also the editor of DC’s all-new CAPTAIN CARROT AND THE FINAL ARC three-issue miniseries, written by Bongo Comics editor Bill Morrison and drawn by the character’s co-creator, Yours Truly. It’s funny animal superheroics for those who are less than thrilled by LOONATICS UNLEASHED. It’s due out this September.

  • Autumn

    I’m waiting patiently in the mail for it. LOVE DeStefano’s stuff. Always awesome.

  • Neal Sternecky

    Add my thanks for the mention, Jerry. Hope everyone enjoys reading it as much as I did contributing to it.

  • They missed someone.

    They should have had John K. draw a story for the book. It’s only fair: John K. has been making sure everyone knows just how important the classic Looney Tunes cartoons were for his entire career.

    If they were worried about what he’d do about story, maybe they at least could have let him do a one-page poster of Clampett-era Daffy being wild and wacky. Woo hoo! Woo hoo!

  • Wow! I’m from Spain but I have to order this. Seems very cool. I also love Stephano’s work. I agree with S. Michelle about Kricfalusi.

    I am also a big Peter Bagge fan.

  • That’s an awesome cover too! It’s cool to see all the characters together.

  • Pat Conolly

    A very amusing takeoff on a number of old films – older film fans will appreciate this more than kids. Funny references to METROPOLIS, HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME, PHANTOM OF THE OPERA, THE SEVENTH SEAL, MOULIN ROUGE, OFFICE SPACE, Woody Allen’s Manhattan films, Marx Brothers, Bollywood , and others I can’t name.

  • Maggie Simpson

    Metropolis…never seen it…I’m probably the only kid that got that…