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Mother Goose and Grimm

Mike Peters takes a few shots in our direction this week:

  • Vegaswolfie

    Very nice…

  • David Breneman

    I suppose that if your politics line up with the cartoonist’s, you would feel obligated to think favorably of this; but, hey, it’s not funny. Maybe I’m not seeing the appropriate cultural irony here because I just don’t understand why this is a hot issue. Why SHOULD you take a gun into a park? Why SHOULDN’T you take a gun into a park? Not an debate most people are heavily invested in.

  • He spelled it wrong. It’s a pic-a-nic basket!

  • Tom Heres

    David: there are better places to keep your head on Cartoon Brew. It’s a joke. Jokes, thank god, don’t have to adhere to one person’s idea of where firearms are and aren’t appropriate.

  • stikkbomber

    unfunny, regardless of political slant. if it wants to be political, then *go* political all the way. this mish-mash of semi-political message with classic cartoons just doesn’t work for me.

    contrast this with the mother goose and grimm for 7 sept. that’s a much funnier joke to me.

  • Mike Peters has a separate outlet for political cartoons (he’s a Pulitzer Prize-winner). No need to introduce it in his strip.

  • Tom Heres

    There’s nothing political about these cartoons, period. Why can’t one character say something and another character disagree. Jeebus Cripes, people.

  • David Breneman

    Tom, as a joke it fails because it’s simply not funny. The setup is wordy and unfocused (“Excuse me, why did Congress allow you to…”). Unless it’s politically motivated it seems pointless. That was the gist of my comment; I was not attempting to start a political debate in this forum.

  • vzk

    Newspaper comics are slowly dying. If you want cartoon characters getting their comeuppances, read Medium Large.

  • I thought it was funny, and it’s a clever way to bring attention to the issue while also having a little laugh. It may not be the hottest political topic or the most important, but it’s still relevant, especially if you are a visitor to our National Parks or if you are concerned about the nations wildlife populations. FYI, poaching DOES occur on U.S. soil too.

  • Oliver