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Non Sequitur On The Schulz Bio

Non Sequiter

Today’s Non Sequitur comic by Wiley has a nice dig on th Schulz bio. Click HERE to read the entire strip.

(Thanks, Patricio)

  • I watched (most) of that PBS “American Masters” show last night.

    I was hoping for a documentary about one of the most important comic strip artists, ever.

    Instead, I came away feeling like I had watched a time-lapse film of a piece of fruit rotting. I was hoping for more. Much more.

    I recorded it, so I’ll go back and watch the parts I missed in case there was anything there to put what I had seen in perspective…

  • hey did you see that schulz is listed as the 3rd highest earning dead celebrity!!! lol!!!

  • Of course Sparky is one of the highest earning dead celebs! Those collections from Fantagraphics sell well, Disney has paid a lot of money each year for the right to air those holiday specials, and let’s not forget merchandising. Heck, I was at a football game in Cincinnati recently and the MetLife blimp was there…who knows what the Schulz estate is getting from MetLife!

    Non Sequitur is one of the few strips worth reading today…thanks for the post!

  • Paul N

    I recorded the PBS show. Haven’t seen it yet, but my wife and mom-in-law watched it and called it thoroughly depressing.

  • Craig D.:

    The documentary was more about Schulz himself than just PEANUTS (even though the strip still got plenty of referencing).

    It *was* depressing! A lot like his real life, in a way. From the way things looked, he really was like Charlie Brown. I’m glad to hear that the Schulz family approved of this biography (not to mention their actual involvement of it)!

    One of the funniest parts to come out of this depressing documentary was Bill Melendez using a bit of colorful (and censored!) language describing the relationship between Schulz and his first wife!

  • Floyd Norman

    I’ve been hearing quite a bit recently about the depressed and tortured Charles Schulz.

    I remember some years ago when Sparky attended a NCS banquet. unlike the rest of us, Schulz arrived on his private jet. The man had a big smile on his face, and a fair amount of loot in his bank account.

    I’ll take that “depression” any day.

  • I can belive Schulz suffered some depression. Charlie Brown was clearly a reflection of Schulz’s own insecurities. Oh and I LMAO when when Melendez said Schulz was a wimp !

  • Well, rich folks can have chemical imbalances too.

  • stavner

    Roy Edroso gives an appreciation of Schulz here:

  • Dock Miles

    I donno. I think calling the strip “a nice dig” is simplistic. It has it both ways.