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Peter Bagge goes Daffy

I love this drawing (from 2003)!

(Thanks Devlin, via Brian Hughes blog: Again With the Comics)

  • 2011 Adult

    I LOVE the fun, rubber-hose style from 2004– wait a minute.

  • zoe

    He gets it.

  • Bob Clampett 30’s weird daffy duck

  • Pogo Bock

    Bravo, Peter! We need more of this kind of drawing!

  • The Gee

    Psychotic Daffy is the best one.

    It’s always nice to see Bagge doing anthropomorphic characters once in a while.
    He does have the chops to make funny looking animal cartoons.

  • Loving Pete’s work since “the Bradleys”. Thanks!

  • Clint H

    Nice drawing!

  • Very NICE! I love the Clampett Daffy.

    I also love the 1930’s Mickey and Donald. All these characters looked much more appealing before their “make overs” (in my opinion)


  • Too bad we`ll never see this Daffy again. :(

  • Oliver

    Still doesn’t explain why Bagge turned Buddy Bradley into Popeye.

  • Lol, I was reading “strange tales,” of which Bagge illustrated his own Hulk story. He has a great sensibility to the original source material while making it his own… and this above is exactly what I mean!

  • Robert Schaad

    That guy has talent!!

  • Nicola

    More posts like this!

  • I thought I’d seen this somewhere before…