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SATURDAY: Oddball Comics = Oddball Cartoons!

I’ve been a huge fan of Scott Shaw’s Oddball Comics presentations at Comic Con since I first saw them over 20 years ago. Scott projects a selected comic book cover on a huge screen and points out (if it isn’t already obvious) how ridiculous it is. Scott’s comics and comments are simply hilarious. If you haven’t been able to catch this in San Diego, Scott’s now performing the presentation (for a limited time only) at a theater in Hollywood – Saturday nights at 8 PM at the Oh My Ribs! Comedy Theater on Santa Monica Boulevard near Cahuenga. I am honored to join Scott this week (4/14) as a special guest, where I will screen several Oddball Comics as Oddball animated cartoons! Yes, Jack Mendelsohn’s Jacky’s Diary and Hal Seeger’s Muggy-Doo Boy Cat, two of the strangest comics creations ever to make it to the screen (as theatrical cartoons, yet!), will be shown. Join us on Saturday night for this once-in-a-lifetime comics/cartoon event!

  • Fleischer Fan

    I can actually recall owning “Jacky’s Diary” as a kid. As I recall, it was a pretty funny comic book and a very unique idea.

    “Muggy-Doo Boy Cat” I never read and it always struck me as something dreamed up by somebody who had no idea of what funny really was.

  • Michael

    Didn’t “Muggy-Doo Boy-Cat” become “Muggy-Doo Boy-Fox” when animated adaptations of the characted began appearing in the 60s?

    • Yes. The cat-to-fox alteration caused much doubt and confusion.

      Perhaps even more traumatizing, “Stuffy Derma” was a pig in the comics, but a human guy on the TV cartoons.

  • Tory

    Ah, is that the Muggy Doo from Milton the Monster?

    • Chris Sobieniak

      Sort of, he originated as a cat in the comics but became a fox for the Milton The Monster Show.

  • Lee

    I remember Jackys Diary in the Sunday comics 50 odd years ago. I don’t think I liked it as a kid because it just didn’t seem right to deliberately draw something bad or wrong. As an adult I can appreciate it, but as a kid I wanted things done “correctly”; not as if another kid drew it.

  • SCOTT: You’ve lined up a true Trifecta (or is it a Hat Trick?) this time! I not only was responsible for JACKY’S DIARY, but also wrote a number of the MUGGY-DOO and STUFFY DERMA cartoons for Hal Seeger Studios — altho not the comic books. JACK

    • Michael

      Wow! I can still do the STUFFY DERMA theme song in my head after all these years. An honor to meet you.

    • Maybe you can provide valuable, tension-relieving insight regarding the decision to change the species of Muggy and Stuffy.

  • Jacky’s Diary was a great comic strip, well overdue for reprinting. I had no idea an animated film was made of it!

    • xevo

      Wasn’t “My Daddy, the Astronaut” based on “Jacky’s Diary”?

    • Bobby Bickert

      There were at least two: “The Story of George Washington” and “A Leak in the Dike”.