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Scott Shaw danced with Joe Barbera!

Animation and comics artist Scott Shaw has been posting a series of autobiographical mini comics online. His latest is based on a hilarious moment during his early years at Hanna Barbera, when Joe Barbera had Scott come into his office to listen to some music. Check it out here. Strange but true!

  • Scarabim

    I detest Hanna-Barbera. Just my opinion, I’m not trying to start an argument, but aside from Tom and Jerry, I think they made crap.

    Maybe Joe Barbera finally figured that out, and the terrible truth broke his sanity. That’d be my guess.

  • Dan

    Hanna-Barbera animation was done on a tight TV budget, as time went on it got tighter due to union greed and Bill and Joe had to outsource to survive. I took a class at the Union school called Fundamentals for animation, my teacher was an animator under the great Milt Kahl, he told us the most talented people in the industry worked at animation, people that had less talent couldn’t pull out such work under such sort deadlines. A lot of disney artist worked at HB when time were tough. A lot of the animators were the guys from Tom and Jerry. There’s a letter from Ward Kimball to Will Finn, that explains the economic reasons for such animation, remember the talent is there. Here’s the letter I was speaking of. It’s a great read for someone trying to make it in the industry, no nonsense and to the point!

    Hope this helps you see things differently about Hanna-Barbera.

  • Dan

    Oh and I forgot to add the main link to that image too.

  • The Ghost of Warner Bros. Past

    No problem, Scarabim. Hanna-Barbera and its legion of fans are big enough to withstand your imbecilic hatred. Happy Summer!

  • I’m waiting for Scott to illustrate the Sparky Moore incident. It’s another wild and wacky Joe Barbera story.

  • Scarabim

    And I’m big enough to not care about your immaturity, rudeness and deplorable taste, Ghost. Happy summer to you too.

    Dan, I understand the budget and time restrictions H-B labored under. I also understand that Joe and Bill had to eat. But even as a kid, I didn’t think much of their cartoons. I knew they were crap, but there was little else to see on Saturday mornings at the time. To me, the Banana Splits were a huge step forward for H-B – better they use people in animal suits than lousy drawing and worse scripting.

    Man, today’s tv toons are soooooooooo much better than the ones I saw as a kid. Better produced, animated and written, generally speaking. (See my comment about Phineas and Ferb. Yes, the character designs on that show are rather poor, but the characters’ personalities are endearing, and at least they look better than the junk on shows like Fanboy and Chum Chum.) And there’s so much variety. If there had been shows like Spongebob, Phineas and Ferb, Generator Rex and Kick Buttowski available when I was a kid, I would have been in heaven. As it is, I like them now even as a cranky grown-up. I have no similar feelings for H-B’s stuff. Some things don’t improve with age.

  • Oliver

    When did Scott Shaw! lose his exclamation? :-)

  • My affection for Hanna-Barbera cartoons is relegated to their earliest shows: RUFF AND REDDY, HUCKLEBERRY HOUND, YOGI BEAR, THE FLINTSTONES. THE JETSONS, QUICK DRAW McGRAW, JONNY QUEST and TOP CAT. By the time of WALLY GATOR, TOUCHE TURTLE and LIPPY THE LION AND HARDY HAR HAR, I liked the characters but knew that the quality of the cartoons themselves (especially the writing) was dipping perilously. The last H-B show that had any positive effect on me was FRANKENSTEIN JR. AND THE IMPOSSIBLES.

    So, if you came to H-B after that, I can certainly see why you weren’t enchanted. But saying you “hate” Hanna-Barbera? Like ’em or hate ’em, the studio OWNED TV animation in the 1960s with writers and cartoonists who were some of the best in the biz. In many ways, H-B actually SAVED animation by showing how production costs could be reduced while still supporting entertaining cartoons.

    Besides, you completely miss the point of my NOW IT CAN BE TOLD! entry about Joe Barbera. It has NOTHING to do with whether H-B was great or awful or if some kid who hides behind a”Scarabim” handle hates the studio’s output. It’s an autobiographical comic strip feature about MY experiences and MY influences, NOT YOURS. If you want to broadcast your “hate” for Hanna-Barbera, write and draw your OWN autobiographical comic strip.

    I hope that the rest of you dig NOW IT CAN BE TOLD! The next installment is titled, “Neal Adams Told Me To ‘Give It Up’!”

    Thanks for plug, Jerry!

  • Brad Constantine

    I met Joe once at a gallery show and I asked him for some advice on making cartoons. He pulled me aside and said “Kid, I said I wanted to do half hour cartoon shows for television and they all told me I was nuts. You’ll never be able to afford it. it’ll never go over. So I went and did 10,000 half hours of animated tv just to prove them wrong. Don’t listen to what anybody else tells you. You do what you want and don’t listen to Assholes”. My point is there would be no animated shows on TV today, good or bad, without H&B. They deserve some respect.

  • Adam

    I can’t pass up an opportunity to compliment Scott. He’s a brilliant cartoonist and I can’t wait to see more stories like this.
    Also, Brad, thanks for that quote. I need to embroider that on a jacket or something.

  • Scarabim

    **If you want to broadcast your “hate” for Hanna-Barbera, write and draw your OWN autobiographical comic strip.**

    I’m actually rather surprised that a so-called professional would stoop to the “nyah-nyah-let’s-see-you-do-any-better” schtick. Really? Is that your reaction when ordinary viewers reject a show you work on because THEY don’t like it?

    And “Scarabim” is my user name. Lots of people use those on the ‘net, in case you weren’t aware. I wasn’t aware it was a sign of cowardice to some people. To me, anyone who doesn’t guard their privacy on an invasive medium like the internet is a bit of a fool.

    At any rate, I was just expressing my opinion of Hanna-Barbera, not of Scott Shaw! Peace out.