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The Harvey Girls

Going on sale sometime within the next month is the fifth volume (our last, for now) of my and Leslie Cabarga’s Harvey Comics Classics from Dark Horse Books. Previous volumes were devoted to Casper the Friendly Ghost, Richie Rich, Hot Stuff and Baby Huey. The latest one is entitled The Harvey Girls and features the exploits of Harvey’s famous female trio: Little Audrey, Little Dot and Little Lotta.

The book contains more great artwork from animator Steve Muffatti and cartoonist Warren Kremer. Personally, I think it’s some of the best comic art ever produced. Speaking of which, I’m coming to New York on Friday April 17th to give a lecture on the history of Harvey Comics and it’s connection to Paramount’s Famous Studios. It’ll be at MoCCA, on the final weekend of the Harvey Comics exhibit there. Mark the date, though I’ll do another post when we get closer to remind you. In the meantime, check out our great new book, The Harvey Girls.

  • These collections are simply incredible in both quality and value (Steals at $19.95 each!). Bravo to you and Leslie for putting together such a great series! A bit disappointing that The Harvey Girls will be the last one for now, though.

  • Inkan1969

    The Harvey Girls had a lot of panty shots during their runs, it seemed to me. :-0

  • Jason

    Were animated films ever made with Little Dot and Little Lotta? I remember the Audrey cartoons, but I can’t recall anything involving the other two characters…

  • Sam E

    Yes, Jason. I think Bill Tytla animated those.

  • Christopher Cook

    Little Dot and Little Lotta were not made into animated cartoons. (Little Audrey’s cartoons were loaded with panty shots, not to mention her comics).

  • Mike Fontanelli

    What? No Spooky?

  • Mike – Spooky and Wendy are represented in the CASPER volume. Stumbo is in the HOT STUFF volume, Herman and Katnip, Buzzy the Crow are featured in the BABY HUEY book.

  • I too am sorry to see this series end… I have been reading each book slowly, knowing that they would be limited. Not only do they bring back great childhood memories, they’re just fun stuff to read. Thanks to those of you who put these together.

  • Rick R.

    I just bought the Casper book two weeks ago, following earlier purchases of the Richie Rich and Hot Stuff books. The Harvey book were my favorites as a kid, and I am so happy you reprinted them. Great forwards and history lessons in each book as to what makes them so good.

    Hopefully you can do more books in the future. Great work, Jerry!

  • droosan

    These books have, indeed, been fantastic. Many thanks to you and Mr. Cabarga!

    I hope DC will someday publish similar collections of their FUNNY STUFF and SUGAR & SPIKE comic-books from back when ..

  • Neo Stryder

    I can’t wait to have this collection in my hands and read Little Dot comics, she’s the best, yes, she’s the best.

  • Looking forward to it, Jerry!

  • Alec

    Will Richie Rich be going into another printing?

  • Yay!! I can’t wait!

  • Karl Wilcox

    Harvey Comics were a memorable part of my childhood (the late
    fifties and early sixties). I have the Casper volume and (when my
    budget will allow) I plan to purchase the others, in the not-too-distant
    future. Thanks, Jerry, for bringing back some great memories!

  • Andy Ice

    I’ve been enjoying all the Harvey collections, and of course look forward to the Harvey Girls. As a kid, I found Little Dot , and her obsession with dots, kind of creepy, and it should be fun to read them again.
    Unless I’m mistaken, the reason Audrey was the only animated Harvey girl, was due to her being a replacement for Little Lulu’s animated series when they lost (or chose not to renew) the rights to use Lulu.
    The craft and professionalism in the Harvey books was always wonderful , and remarkably consistent. Good Stuff !

  • that 70s mom

    I can’t wait, too! I have it preordered and I’m crossing my fingers that there won’t be yet another delay.

  • Michael Ingrassia

    How can you hope to be the definitive book of Little Dot reprints
    without a reprint of the very first appearance of Little Dot from
    Sad Sack #1 ? According to Amazon, this appearance isn’t listed
    in the table of contents. This is the appearance I’m longing to see
    (and which I’ve never found online), if only to understand better
    Harvey’s genius in switching to the Warren Kremer makeover.

  • Michael Ingrassia – We do indeed reprint Little Dot’s first appearence by Vic Herman on page 12, in the introduction. I hope, based on this information, you will purchase the book.

  • Michael Ingrassia

    Yes, based on this information I will definitely buy the book.
    Thanks–and God bless the Internet!

  • I hope it’s NOT the final volume. I’d still like to see a good chunk of Jackie Jokers represented, and I think the Richie Rich and Casper stories merit their own volume.

  • Reluctant Bob

    These are fantastic books, and I’m (still) awaiting the release of Harvey Girls… but we need a Sad Sack volume!

  • John Michel

    I am anxiously awaiting my order for Harvey Girls (for the Audrey stories). I added Casper when I ordered.
    I plead with those who are behind these reproductions, to continue. I would hope that all stories would one day be made available, especially Audrey, with Melvin, and Spooky. I have so many great memories of buying these as a kid and have found re-reading them a way to get back to a less complicated time. There were so many I missed.
    I’m begging you to continue until they are all reproduced, some way, some how.

  • Vasili

    Little Dot is never in animated films because she (my best guess) is not the same appeal as the Little Audrey cartoons.