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The Sunday Friday Funnies

Because we are changing servers over the weekend, Sunday comes early this week – as we post our weekly round-up of animation related newspaper comics a few days early – First up, a multi-part sequence from Heart Of The City (7/13-15) by Mark Tatulli:

Strange Brew (7/11) by John Deering; Argyle Sweater (7/14) by Scott Hilburn; The Quigmans (7/12) by Buddy Hickerson; Natural Selection (7/13) by Russ Wallace; and Reynolds Unwrapped (7/12) by Dan Reynolds.

(Thanks to Jim Lahue, Kurtis Findlay, Charles Brubaker and Ed Austin)

  • DonaldC

    Kid knows his toons.

  • DonaldC

    Wait a minute…These are actually funny!

  • Jeffers

    An excellent batch this week Jerry! I could do without the Russ Wallace one but the rest are all pretty funny.

  • I have a co-worker who’s birthday is coming up and I thought that Spongebob cake was a great idea. Well, the lady at the local Von’s agreed but told me she wasn’t allowed to do it because of copyright restrictions. She had an authorized “kit” from Viacom for a Spongebob cake but nothing like what I wanted. Copyrighted cakes, sheesh!

  • Hey, really good stuff this week!

  • I like this batch!