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The Sunday Funnies (11/7/10)

A weekly round-up of syndicated comic strips referencing animation. This week The Flying McCoys (11/3) by Glenn and Gary McCoy; Strange Brew (11/4) by John Deering; and Rubes (11/6) by Leigh Rubin.

(Thanks Jim Lahue, Jed Martinez and Ed Austin)

  • Geez louise.
    That Flintstone one in the middle is the shittiest published images that perhaps I’ve ever seen.

    • Also, why is he about to be eaten by a herbivorous dinosaur?

    • pheslaki

      I looked up a couple of his cartoons and while they’re not great, none of them look like THAT. Wonder if he broke his drawing arm or something.

  • Sunday

    Third one certainly has the ‘creep factor’ going for it.

  • Maxie

    I don’t think The Sunday Funnies should last for long, because many people seem to hate some of the content featured.

    • The Gee

      Those who “hate” the content are expressing themselves here, right? Somehow, someway they are adding some color to the posts. Even if the cartoons are bad, maybe the comments will be entertaining.

      But, to say that the feature should be stopped: that is ridiculous. Sometimes it is the only post on Sundays. If you don’t want to see it, don’t look, or, don’t look that closely. Read the tweets, eat some sweets, watch sunday morning repeats…

      For all you haters; a potential palette cleanser:

      here is a bonus that Jerry didn’t get wind of, or, didn’t think was worth showing (i dunno which is the case):

  • Andyman

    Considering how insanely difficult it is for cartoonists to get syndicated in newspapers, this is the “cream of the crop”?

    • No one ever said this is the cream of the crop. This is a a weekly survey of print comic strips that reference animation. It is posted for fun on Sundays. Admitedly these are weak, but that’s what’s out there.

      • Andyman

        No offense Jerry at all. But according to syndicates they get thousands of submissions annually and only look for the finest and sharpest “humor”. This is the best they can offer?

      • Jim Lahue

        Actually, the best comics of the week had nothing to do with animation (so they didn’t show up here). But that isn’t unusual: most comics don’t use animated movies/TV shows/etc as a basis for their humor. I’m surprised that there are as many strips found as there have been in the last year or so. If some are really funny, so much the better. Given that many of the daily comics are pretty blah to begin with, it’s not surprising to see that a lot of the ones dealing with animation are also bland or awful.

        Be happy that Jerry didn’t post Friday’s Thundercat strip from Medium Large. Something for everyone to hate.

      • I’m starting to wonder about hiring down or just HR dept. cluelessness also applying to the Funnies.

  • Andyman

    Furthermore, why can’t “Cartoonists” draw for s*it anymore? Where’s Walt Kelly?

  • David Breneman

    I just plain don’t get the Frontierland one. So, someone’s shooting arrows at the kid. And the point is…?

    • It’s mimicking settlers being attacked by indians on the Frontier.

      • David Breneman

        Ah, well that’s my problem – I thought it would be funny. Silly me.

  • Andyman

    Not to go on about this, because I know you’re only referencing animation, but these Cartoons are wretched in every way. Meh. What do I know. Chris Browne knows best.

  • Steve Hogan

    I appreciate that you’re just trying to give us some free animation related content, but Damn! This is turning into the newspaper comic version of CARTOON DUMP only without the fun retro element.

  • That’s the funniest drawing of Popeye that’s seen print for a while. The other cartoons are crap.

    • Jody Morgan

      Agreed; that and “performance-enhancing vegetables” makes The Flying McCoys the best strip this week. The only decent one, really; Strange Brew is a lame gag, flatly executed, while Rubes just doesn’t quite click. (Suggested caption: “Tommy hadn’t believed the rumors that the park was striving for greater realism.” Not that it improves the comic, really, but surely someone can think of a better one.)

  • Michelle

    Well, my every-month-or-so Cartoon Brew pop-in is met with yet another bumper crop of whiny, bitter complainers.

    Jerry, here’s a nice new slogan for you to use around here:

    Cartoon Brew Message Board: Where The Glass Is Always Half-Empty.

    • The Gee

      Well, I do hope you check out the site more often than once a month. You might find that the glass isn’t even that full, or, that it is overflowing with exuberance.
      How can you take a slice when only a handfull of links are shown on any given day? Even searching the recent archives isn’t representative of how positive and how often people are negative on this site.

      When it comes down to what Geeks Like, do those who like said thing tend to not have an opinion?

      Yeah, more often than not these comics suck but the good ones don’t suck. And, I think that opinion would float towards the good ones if all of them could be found.

  • Gummo

    All 3 of these are awful. Badly drawn, not funny & not clever.

  • Dave

    The Popeye one I think has been done before (Lio did a similar one in a Sunday strip), I don’t get the Flintstones one at all (is he sliding down a giant dinosaur rib? And as already noted, what’s the point behind the other dinosaur?), and does Disneyland even have a Frontierland anymore?

  • The Gee

    It might just be a coloring error but it does look like a giant rib instead of a tail. A giant rib that isn’t inked properly. (which makes the second one all the more enjoyable. )