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The Sunday Funnies

A monthly roundup of comic strips that made reference to animated cartoon characters. Click thumbnails below to read an enlarged version.

Please note: This posting of The Sunday Funnies will be the last for the time being on Cartoon Brew. I will now post comic strip/animation gags occasionally on Cartoon Brew’s FaceBook page. Perhaps an especially good one may end up back on Cartoon Brew’s main page on a single basis (this is what I did before I made it a regular feature). But the regular weekly and monthly compilations end here.

For those of you who enjoyed this feature – and understood what I was trying to do – I thank you for your support!

(Thanks to Jim Lahue, Ed Austin, Uncle Wayne, Kurtis Findlay, Charles Brubaker, John Hall and Billie Towser)

  • My reviews/observations:

    The Edgar Allen Pooh comic is a joke only the Poe fans will laugh at, like someone I know who talks about Poe.

    Lots of airport security jokes for cartoons lately.

    And last, how can they omit Homer Simpson along with Fred Flinstone and Peter Griffin for the “B.C.” strip? How? How How?

    • comedy rule of 3’s I guess.

    • Fat Neil

      Is the Middle one Alley Oop? Who would get that one???

      • The Gee

        Well, it does look like a caveman so that’s all that matters. Even if someone wouldn’t know the character’s name…it looks the part.

        And, yeah, that is Alley Oop.

  • Griff

    Awwww don’t go.

  • Yay for Pooch Cafe. There’s another strip in that series with floating heads of cartoon birds that are constantly haunting Poncho. But the joke is kind of lost if you haven’t followed the underlying storyline.

  • I’m surprised the negative comments chased this item away since they didn’t seem to be in any greater proportion than the always-in-great-proportion negative comments that fill the other topics covered here.

  • Fat Neil

    Huh. Didn’t think there was a point beyond just showing cartoon characters in a similar medium. What were you trying to do?

  • Josh Z

    Many people probably noticed this, but I have to say something. Scott Hilburn’s work seems to be dangerously close to Gary Larson’s

    • Yes, I was thinking the same thing. That exact joke was done in The Far Side decades ago.

  • Mike Clark

    Jerry bring it baaaaack!!

  • I feel bad now for not commenting on the previous Sunday Funnies posts. I looked forward to them every week and was sad to see them go after New Year’s. I’m sorry that the contingent of readers that automatically shits on everything here won out.

    • Iritscen

      I wasn’t one of those people, but in all honesty, a lot of the comics were fairly unfunny and a few of the artists couldn’t draw their own hand if they weren’t tracing it, so the criticism was inevitable.

      I don’t think people were being unfair when they criticized, but rather the material itself was being held up for a sort of scrutiny that it wasn’t intended to withstand, simply by the fact of its being posted on a blog frequented by lovers and producers of 2D art.

  • Greg Chenoweth

    I really liked this feature on Cartoon Brew a lot. It’s too bad it’s going away. I’ll check it out on Facebook.

  • Kyle

    I fully believe that the farce called Scott Hilburn is actually an experiment being carried out by Gary Larson. The man who plays the role of Scott Hilburn is clearly a paid actor. Otherwise, Larson long ago would have sued and shut down Hilburn for stealing all of his Far Side jokes and drawing the same characters, but doing it in an utterly incompetent manner.

  • Luke

    I liked this feature. I think I got what you were trying to do, were you trying to show us how aware society is of our cartoons?

  • Ryoku

    Pearls Before Swine is good at being consistent, consistently not funny.

    The Dough Boy should have giggled in the last frame while Rat said “So that’s why he laughs in the ads”.

  • The Gee

    Well, I’ve been no angel when it comes down to the Sunday Funnies feature, especially in recent months.

    While I forget why I had a change of heart, I’ve always tried to keep in mind that it is difficult to come up with new strips/gags 6-7 days a week. So, I think I understand the difficulty for the comics artists who might be featured here.

    And, it is usually slim pickings given that Jerry’s theme is so narrowed. As much as it might seem like a lot of potential comics could be displayed on a weekly or monthly basis, that is just an odd coincidence that are so many. And, Jerry has said there are some which he does NOT bother posting. But, it isn’t like the dozens of comic strip/gag cartoonists are fulfilling some duty to riff on animation regularly.

    And, as for the quality of the ones which do get featured…..I’ll skip commenting on that. I will say this: I’m a cartoonist. When I was younger, I was told many times and many ways how to improve my chops and I reflect my mentors in not-sugar coating while trying to “get” where someone is going with their idea. The end result is I am hyper-critical for the love of encouraging better cartoons.

    What should be said about what usually happens when bad cartoons are shown is that when something bad or even something considered bad is posted on the Internet it seems to bring out every Tom, Dick and Harriet who feel that they are more clever than that which is bad. So, they showcase their wits. It is almost like bad art online is a green light for the bored, the drunk, the stoned (ironically) and…well, a lot of people with the inclination take a bit of time to type.

    Obviously, sometimes Jerry probably intentionally shows bad ones just because. God knows even bad attempts can have entertainment value.

    If you want to see something which intentionally ridicules comics on a daily basis, and does it quite well, and encourages and features snark from the readers on a weekly basis, check out:

    He reads them so we don’t need to bother finding “Mary Worth” or “Mark Trail” and his goes beyond the easy targets of the “Family Circus.”

  • Craig

    Aw that’s unfortunate. I actually really liked reading these. It was always a nice way to start off the week.

  • Kristjan

    Aw that’s unfortunate. I actually really liked this feature Jerry.

  • Gummo

    Sorry to hear you say that, Jerry, I look forward to this feature and I don’t do Facebook.

    My favorites in this batch were the one featuring Rocky-the-no-longer-flying-squirrel (very mean and very funny) and Edgar Allen Pooh (but I have a weakness for good puns).

  • bob

    Sorry to see this go — I’m not on Facebook, so it’ll be gone to me forever. Too bad, it was one of my faves!

  • While some of the strip examples presented here have been funny/interesting, I have to say that this has been my least favorite of all the features on Cartoon Brew. So from a subjective and egoistic point of view, I don’t mind seeing it go.

  • j(ay)

    as a hater of AssBook and a fan of your site, and this feature, I hope that you change your mind.