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The Sunday Funnies (2/21/10)

Argyle Sweater (2/18/10) by Scott Hilburn, Lio (2/16/10) by Mark Tatulli and today’s (2/21/10) Fox Trot by Bill Amend.

(Thanks Jed Martinez, Jim Lahue and Charles Brubaker)

  • Argyle Sweater seems to show up here alot, huh?

    If Avatar was “Javatar”, I would’ve loved the movie more…well, a FoxTrot animation itself would be awesome. Hmmm…

  • Jonah Sidhom

    The Far Side rip-off is OK, the other two are great. I’ve only recently discovered Lio, it’s a new favorite of mine.

  • Lio is a very mixed bag but when it is on it is truly funny. That strip is an example of it being on.

  • The Lio strip is just wonderful.

    The foxtrot one.. not so much.

  • Good ol’ Foxtrot. What comic strip HASN’T referenced Avatar at this point?

  • Here’s another Avatar reference in FoxTrot

    This was a bonus strip Bill Amend did for his website as an experiment (it was never distributed to papers)

  • Oh man, that Fox Trot comic strip was hilarious! I wonder what would happen if it was a Vista/Windows 7 connection. LOL

  • David

    Has Scott Hilburn been sued yet for his blatant Far Side ripoff ?

    Hey Scott, Gary Larsen called and he wants his strip back.

  • David

    Lio has never been funny.