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The Sunday Funnies (4/25/10)

This week, from the top: Mother Goose and Grimm (4/25 and 4/22) by Mike Peters; Baby Blues (4/21) by Rick Kirkman and Jerry Scott; Wulffmorgantaler (4/22) by Mikael Wulff and Anders Morgenthaler; and Free Range (4/20) by Bill Whitehead.

(Thanks, Jim Lahue, Ed Austin, Uncle Wayne, David Ian White)

  • Hulk

    Good crop this week. The Pinnochio one is particularly funny!

  • TheVok

    Wow, that second Grimmy is particularly awful; if you don’t get the pun in the first panel, don’t worry, we’ll explain it again in the second panel; and then yet again in the third panel.

  • Goose and Grimm – laughed out loud. Happy one, okay, I guess. Others? Pfaw. Pinocchio? Somebody finds that humorous? I weep for some people.

  • purin

    Could somebody explain the “anime” gag to me? It’s going right over my head.

  • I swear to god that the comics are seriously not getting any better.

  • Mike Russo

    anime = enemy, purin.

  • Kyle B

    Its a pun on the word “enemy”, Purin.

  • purin

    What kind of a pun is that? The two words don’t even sound alike, and I’m totally used to the Americanized version of the word.

  • Anna

    *facepalm* the anime pun was bad and awful. AWFUL!

    Snow White was funny tho

  • Stephanie

    Yeah, I agree with Goose & Grimm… Not very funny; the pun is way too much of a stretch. Points for effort, though!

  • ben c

    saying anime and enemy with a southern accent sounds just about the same. also, lol @ the pinoccio strip

  • That Pinocchio cartoon is a great example of over-selling the punch-line. There’s no need for that caption!

  • EatRune

    Isn’t “Japanese anime cartoons” kinda redundant?

  • Sam Sleiman

    “Death to the Great Satan”, haha.

  • the mallet cartoon cracked me up the most, lol

  • I think that’s about the only way Pinocchio would ever win a poker hand.

  • Leirin

    The Pinocchio one was hysterical. Great batch this week.

  • Andrew Kieswetter

    I wonder if the ‘Baby Blues’ characters have ever seen the ‘Momotaro:Divine Sea Warriors’ features made when Japan was their anime?

  • Peter H

    I’m with TheVok on the Goose and Grimm – the first panel made me laugh (well, smile!) but the rest of the strip bludgeoned the idea to death.

  • We have met the anime and he is us.

  • vzk


  • NightmareIsNear

    Boy the “CSI Effect” has no limits does it? Forensic Files is much better anyway, at least they tell you how the research takes for data of the DNA to be analyzed.

  • Rooniman

    1st strip: boring…
    2nd strip: terrible punchline.
    3rd strip: Ok, I guess…
    4th strip: Good, but would be better without the caption.
    5th strip: Meh….

  • The Pinocchio one was hilarious! The second strip was horrible!