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The Sunday Funnies (5/16/10)

This week, from the top: Close To Home (5/12) by John McPherson; three from The Quigmans (5/12, 5/13, 5/14) by Buddy Hickerson; Chuckle Bros. (5/14) by Brian and Roy Boychuk; Brevity (5/9) by Guy Endore-Kaiser and Rodd Perry; Moderately Confused (5/10) by Jeff Stahler.

(Thanks Jim Lahue, Jed Martinez, Charles Brubaker, Kurtis Findlay and Uncle Wayne)

  • David

    What a groanfest. Except for the Charlie Brown one, which was kind of clever.

  • Paul N

    Quite the elongated group in that third “Quigmanns”…

  • David

    These are hideous! Why do you keep posting these. I come to Cartoon Brew to see the very best in animation, cartooning and art.

    This is seriously damaging your reputation!

  • Lindsay

    I hear ya, Snowy.

  • Tom

    What David said, except I’d like to suggest calling this the Sunday Eyesores from now on.

  • I enjoy seeing animation references in comic strips. Good or bad, I like posting these each week and since it’s my blog, I can do anything I want.

    However, it seems only “haters” like Tom and David tend to respond in the comments. I’d love to hear from anyone who actually appreciates our collecting of these each week. If enough of you think I’m wasting time and valuable internet space posting these, perhaps I’ll stop.

    Let us know what you think.

  • Tom

    Well, I’d hate to be called a “hater” because I have opinions about terrible comics, Jerry! Come on!

    I haven’t really seen many ‘huzzahs’ posted about these Sunday comics in general, true. That may have more to do with their general lack of quality than any ugly agenda coming from the Brew readership.

  • I can’t speak for everyone, but I’m a big fan of the Sunday Funnies you’ve been putting up Jerry.

    If anything, it adds more content to the Brew, and hilarious content at that.

    2 thumbs up! :D

  • I think they are cute and on the occasion funny. Brevity made me chuckle a bit today.

    Besides, your right you can post whatever you want in your blog Jerry.

  • Shaw

    I like ’em. I don’t think Jerry (or anyone) can help it if some of them are “groans” while others are good.

    It was bound to happen for poor Spongebob and Snow White…um…maybe not so poor Snow White (more like American Express card in pocket Snow White).

  • I love ’em, Jerry. And I’m not saying that because I frequently email you everytime I find strips with animation references.

    I love it when comics makes references to other cartoons, so I’m glad you’re keeping track of ’em.

  • Ron

    Yes please keep putting them up Jerry. I think people grouse just to hear themselves talk. Most brew complaints consist of some combo of the following:

    “It’s off Model. ..Not John K’s work therefore it’s bad… Too derivative of John K’s work therefore it’s still bad…Too commercial but not enough like classic cartoons which were commercial in their own time… I’m jealous you’re not featuring my work instead. etc.”

    Just ignore em. People like that jut want to ruin everyone else’s fun. Letting haters make snide comments on here is an unfortunate byproduct of free-speech and nothing better to do.

  • purin

    Wow, that Quigmans one is actually a pretty geeky gag! I wonder how many people got it.

  • Really enjoy seeing these collected every week, even the groaners. It’s fun.

  • Keep on keepin’ on, Jerry. I dig ’em.

  • Michelle


    99% of the people who post here are humorless, elitist snobs who like to impress others by what they know.

    It was refreshing to see you fight back a bit. :)

    Personally, I enjoy the cartoon-themed strips. They are usually good for a few laughs.

  • Jody Morgan

    I’ve enjoyed 20-25% of the strips in these Sunday Funnies postings, which is really about the same average as any newspaper comic section I’ve read in the past decade. But unlike a typical comic section, here even the strips I don’t enjoy aren’t a waste of my time, because I find it interesting to see what cartoon characters are used or referred to, and how they’re treated. For instance (going just on memory), the Coyote and the Road Runner seem by far the most commonly-used cartoon characters, which I would not have expected.

    As long as you keep posting ’em, Jerry, I’ll keep reading ’em; thank you for giving us this weekly diversion, and thanks to everyone who contributes with links to relevant strips, or witty or insightful comments!

    As for this week’s strips, like Killskerry I found Brevity amusing. I’m sorely tempted to make a lousy pun about it being the sole strip with wit, but actually I also sorta like the second Quigmans strip (5/13) as well. (Although Buddy Hickerson should’ve really ended the caption after the second sentence, IMHO.)

  • The strips may not be funny or even well-drawn, but I was under the impression that this feature wasn’t to champion them as the epitome of artwork or humour. I thought its purpose was for people to see how and where older cartoons are referenced in newer media. And it’s doing that very well.

  • Jon Hanson

    I love the Sunday funnies. Sure a lot of the comics suck, but to me that’s half the fun of it.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Jeffers

    I come to this blog because the subject matter is usually of interest to me. If there is an occasional post that I’m not interested in, I skip over it and go on with my life! Post whatever you want Jerry, if I didn’t want your opinion than I wouldn’t visit this site. You’re a highly regarded expert on this subject Jerry and like you said it’s YOUR blog that you maintain and update and share with your own time and resources for FREE. Anyone who expects you to cater to their own personal interests is an arrogant ass without any consideration for you or the other readers who enjoy and appreciate what you do here.

  • Gregory Bernard

    When I was a boy in Saskatoon, we had a comic in the paper called “Annie the Orphan”, if memory serves. It wasn’t exactly a laugh bag, but it was all we had. We’d spend hours every Sunday drawing eyeball dots into “Annie’s” eyes, which were left blank to save on ink (this was during the second war of the world and ink was in short supply so we saved every drop we could). Those were good, serious times, and children were discouraged from laughing too much. I learned a lot and I have a lifelong interest in comic strips today as a result. I agree with some here that a comic doesn’t have to be funny, interesting, memorable or well drawn to be a good!


  • Paul N

    In thinking about it I realized that I look forward to the Sunday Funnies posting. A lot of these strips aren’t in the papers I read, so it’s good to see them here. And if the humor misses the mark, that’s hardly the point. Keep ’em comin’

  • droosan

    I’m completely indifferent to these, which is why I rarely comment on them.

    Though — as a matter of personal opinion — I feel that pop-culture references are an exceptionally ‘lazy’ form of humor.

    Certainly, they CAN be funny. But the cartoonist still only has to do half the work — relying on the reader’s (hopefully) common knowledge to ‘get’ the joke.

    That said, I don’t ‘mind’ their inclusion on Cartoon Brew, in the slightest.

  • Rooniman

    These are hideously drawn, and there not funny. Though the Charlie Brown one is okay.

  • Leirin

    I enjoy these. Maybe this isn’t the best batch but I still enjoy reading them anyway. I like the sixth one particularly.

  • Blatherpuss

    I got no problem with this idea or feature on the Brew, but man is it mandatory for all newspaper comics to be super ugly nowadays?! That Rug one got a genuine laugh out of me I must admit.

  • Peter

    I dig animation references too. Keep ’em coming Jerry.

  • Ad

    I think it’s a good section

  • When cartoonists draw other artists’ characters badly, is it because they don’t know they are drawing them badly or is it some sort of they-can’t-sue-me-because-I changed-the-way-it-looks tactic?

  • keep right on posting ’em- good, bad, ugly, or indifferent!

  • Autumn

    Good or bad I appreciate seeing cartoon references, so I say keep on posting. Do what you want on your site Jerry.

  • AAH

    Ok, i’m new to the whole dedicated following of a blog, so i probably don’t know what i’m talking about, but i have got to say i am pretty shocked at how rude these “Tom” and “David” people are to you, Jerry (& Amid), as well as to the rest of your readers. Shame on them for bringing such continuous negativity into your efforts to enlighten others about what you find fascinating out there in the animation world. You do many of us a great service in the content you choose to provide. Unfortunately, many of us of are regrettably lazy about commenting and getting into it with nasty people that we can’t see face to face.
    People, especially Cartoon Brew, please go on ignoring such tasteless commenting on the parts of these sad, egotistical “haters.” We enjoy your work, and if we didn’t, we would simply stop reading it, as any respectable person would do.
    As someone who is just starting to study and pursue animation as a career, i’ve got to say your blog is as equally inspiring as it is educational for me. i recently stumbled upon CB quite by accident, but i am so very happy i did. And i love that you post animation-related funnies. The funnies always remind me of good childhood memories, and i enjoy the “meta” humor that comes from funnies about other cartoon characters.

    Keep up the good work, guys!

    And also, i really enjoyed the magic carpet one, but maybe my brain is somehow deficient.

  • It’s a well-documented fact that lousy drawings of other people’s characters can often lead to greatness in its own right. Without Mickey Mouse, there would be be no Creep Rat. Without Beetle Baily, there would be no Buddy Bradley. And without Charlie Brown, there would be no Akbar or Jeff!

    I’ve always liked this Cartoon Brew feature.

  • Chris

    They’re funny on a Mystery Science Theater level.

  • Tom

    Consider me schooled! I’m going to go with the flow of the Brew now! I look forward to a bright new day for this site and its commenters, loving every mark anyone ever makes in the wide definition of ‘cartooning’. Bravo mediocrity!

    I’m off to see the newest Filmation theatrical cartoon! Take care everybody!

  • David Breneman

    Jerry Beck SEZ: “I’d love to hear from anyone who actually appreciates our collecting of these each week.”

    I do appreciate seeing these. But, these particular ones are pretty lame. The Bugs Bunny one violates the first rule of humor: If you have to explain it after the punchline, it ain’t funny. The Snow White one is funny in concept but not in execution. The Wile E Coyote one might be funny if you’d never been “clued in” by Who Framed Roger Rabbit. The rug one is a clever concept, but loses it in the delivery. I’d give the prize to Wimpy, trying to make it in Obama’s world of “too big to fail” banking.

    But, yeah, please keep them coming. Good or bad, they’re interesting to see.

    …And as far as Spongebob goes – Let him die in the gulf. What a great idea. :-)

  • I have to be honest. These make me sad. I’m not hating. Newspaper comics today just depress me. To think that something that started with Opper, MacManus, Seegar, Sterrett, Messmer and Herriman ended up being handed down to us in this sorry state… Ow. Lately the Brew has been bemoaning the run down condition of Winsor McCay’s house… Well, what about his art form?

  • Daikun

    Damn, hamburgers are expensive nowadays!

  • Joseph Nebus

    I like and appreciate having them gathered in one spot like this. Most animation references in the comics I notice looking at my online comics pages, but that doesn’t gather by theme or across a week the way this does. It brings attention to something relevant to animation fans.

    It is depressing how poorly-constructed or poorly-drawn many of the strips are, admittedly. But if it’s not brought up that these strips exist and they could be better what cartoonist or editor will make the effort to improve them?

  • Ed Thompson

    Keep posting them Jerry. I don’t always find them funny, but even if I don’t think they’re funny I do find it interesting how someone tries to make a point using them.

    A problem (which you can’t solve) is that it’s now going on 10 years since many of the WB cartoons have been shown regularly, and I don’t know how many decades since Popeye has been on. Disney does stage re-releases but that strategy has meant that their classic cartoons can disappear for 10 to 20 years or more before popping back up for a few years. Most of your younger readers know about them but they didn’t grow up with them, so they don’t hold any special place in their memory for these characters. To them it’s just an old cartoon character.

  • I just hope that someday Doonesbury includes a reference to the Katzenjammer Kids so we can see a GREAT comic strip in here.

    Seriously, I groan through this feature, but look through it every Monday. I liked the eclectic group of strips this week. The rug one is terrible, but the rest are okay. They all seem a bit… off though. The “nobody seems real” could’ve been terrific, but the art is terrible. The Wimpy one is my fave, but even still… why pick on payday loan companies when with a rewrite you can bitch-slap credit card companies, a better target?

    Personally, I read Doonesbury and Get Fuzzy and skip everything else on a daily basis.

  • Scarabim

    I like that Jerry and Co. post animation-related comics here. This week’s batch weren’t particularly good (I think the Spongebob one was the best, althought it might have been funnier had he been saying “I’m ready!!”) but that’s not the site’s fault of course and they’re still fun to read.

  • Tim Hodge

    Yes, Jerry, it is your blog, so go on posting whatever you want. If readers don’t like it, they don’t have to come back, right?

    I always assumed your “Sunday Funnies” feature is posted with the intent of, “Look at these references to our own industry from our sister industry. Hope you enjoy them!”, not “I am posting more attempts at humor. Judge them harshly!”

    I rarely think that all of the comics are very funny, but usually there are some gems. Of course, that goes across the board for the entire comics section of the newspaper on a daily basis.

    So ignore the angry comments. Keep up the good work.

  • Sara H.

    Honestly Jerry, in my eyes you can do no wrong :)

  • Thanks Sara, Tim and everyone else who get what the Sunday Funnies posts are all about. Rest assured, they will continue

  • mick

    keep posting or not it IS your blog so no worries.
    These are drawn badly and not funny, you must see that.
    It is depressing to see the plummeting standards of these sunday staples. I don’t consider myself a ‘hater’ (when did we start using such terms??? They seem rather juvenille to me)… however I do not like these cartoons as they are crap

    post them or not, I’ll still be back here. the occasional fly in the ointment is forgivable

  • Tony Montealegre

    Keep them going, Jerry! I like them.

  • GB

    I personally love them. Even if I don’t think every single one is funny its a million times better than Marmaduke.

    That being said, I couldn’t stop laughing at the Aladdin one. I wish my rug would bring me mac n cheese.

  • Mr. Beck, I know why you post these and I do appreciate seeing them here… but if there’s one negative to this column, it’s that it has introduced me to the sheer banality of Buddy Hickerson’s The Quigmans. I posted one criticism on one comic (with Dig’em, the Sugar Smacks frog) and I’ve been biting my tongue every week since then.
    This week there are three Quigmans strips, and I’ll be damned if they don’t even look like they were drawn by the same person (although the 3rd one might be a collaboration with someone named Gygli(?). I won’t go into detail about the lack of comedy in these comics, but I will say this: the 3rd one would’ve been funnier if there were more actual cartoon characters (Cathy? …really?) that actually looked like the characters.
    Some may blame it on budget cuts, but I believe it’s crappy comics like The Quigmans that get local newspapers to stop printing the funny pages, therefore endangering the livelihoods of genuinely talented comics artists.

  • DBishop

    I usually enjoy a lot of the strips posted here but this week’s offerings seem pretty awful. I thought the Brevity strip was pretty darn funny though, and I too wish I had a mac and cheese serving rug. Mine just lays on the floor all boring, with one sticking up like a cowlick.