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The Sunday Funnies (5/23/10)

Our weekly survey of selected comic strips that reference animated cartoons. From the top: Bound and Gagged (5/21) by Dana Summers; Nest Heads (5/20) by John Allen; a New Yorker cartoon (5/17) by Paul Noth; Pearls Before Swine (5/20) by Stephan Pastis; and Bizarro (5/23) by Dan Piraro.

(Thanks, Jim Lahue, Kurtis Findlay, Ed Austin and Harvey Deneroff)

  • Michael F.

    Pig is such a dope. He’s my second-favorite on Pearls Before Swine (behind Larry the crockydile).

  • Ron

    What’s the joke with the “Russo – Disneyland” one? Were they going to build a Disneyland in Russia?

  • Autumn

    Wait, that second comic makes no sense. It implied that they were watching Wile E Coyote on TELEVISION.

  • Jeffers

    A great batch this week Jerry! I have long been a fan of Dan Piraro’s work and this is a fine example of him at his best!

  • purin

    This is actually a pretty good batch!

    That’s right. Boomerang has whole blocks of MGM cartoons (which still work wonders on at least one little kid I know), but I haven’t seen WB blocks. I wonder why.

  • I always love it when “Pearls” feature one of its characters doing that expression Pig has in the last panel.

    Yeah, that’s right. Sometimes the art in Pearls strikes me hilarious, and in a good way, too.

  • Purin: Because as far as I know, Turner (CN/Boomerang) has no ongoing license to run the classic Looney Tunes shorts. They haven’t had that license since 2005.

    The New Year’s marathons on CN this year and last, the occasional holiday specials, and the morning show on CN last November and December, were/are separate one-off deals, to the best of my knowledge.

  • trn

    anyone else think that the wolf’s outfit in the last panel resembles that of mickey mouse’s? has the white gloves and everything

  • Yes, that’s a good batch. But I DO think of the Coyote as the hero. He’s the sympathetic one, at least. :)

  • Ron: It’s a reference to Russia’s habit of eating invading armies (Napolean, Hitler) for breakfast. In this case a commercial rather than military one.

  • Russell H

    ‘What’s the joke with the “Russo – Disneyland” one? Were they going to build a Disneyland in Russia?’

    The cartoon is a parody of a famous painting of Napoleon and the Grande Armee retreating from Moscow in 1812.

    The cartoonist is comparing Disney’s success in building parks all over the world, often against local opposition, to Napoleon’s conquests in Europe, and the joke is that if they did try to “conquer” Russia, they might meet the same fate as Napoleon.

  • Anne

    These are great! I’m so glad that you don’t post any of those strips like Pogo, Kiskaloo, Doonesbury, Cul De Sac, Hogwashed, Molly and the Bear, Peanuts, Dennis the Menace, The Far Side, Bloom County or Diamond Lil.

    The ones you post are sooooo much better.

  • The first and fourth ones weren’t good, but the rest were delightful.

  • The Napoleon gag is inspired. Donald is the right choice to deliver the line, too. Either him or Grumpy.

    Was there ever really a Russian Disneyland proposed? By anyone who might actually make it happen?

  • Rooniman

    I liked the last one.