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The Sunday Funnies (5/30/10)

Our weekly survey of selected comic strips that reference animated characters. This week: Zippy (5/28) by Bill Griffith; Mother Goose and Grimm (5/28) by Mike Peters; Speed Bump (5/25) by Dave Coverly; Strange Brew (5/24) by John Deering; and Argyle Sweater (5/24) by Scott Hilburn.

(Thanks to our loyal comic strip crew: Jim Lahue, Ed Austin, Kurtis Findlay, Jed Martinez and Uncle Wayne)

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  • I wonder how many people, outside of this site’s readers, will get the “Ambiguously Gay Duo” reference.

    The “just here for the bed” sign pointing to Quagmire made me laugh.

  • Anna

    funny stuff this week! …well, ‘cept for Zippy, but that one is never funny anyway

  • “Zambi”? I’m all over that pre-order…

  • Steamboat Bill

    Night of the living Zambi. Who knew that Disney had a gritty enough market for this kind of stuff.

  • Anthrocoon

    Mark Parisi is a college classmate of mine; he and another classmate turned cartoonist, Keith Knight, are doing a book signing/slideshow next Sat at 6 pm at Gulu Gulu Cafe in Salem MA if anyone is interested. Behind the “Bewitched/Elizabeth Montgomery” statue…Mark has indeed done some funny “Betty Rubble Center” cartoons over the years!

  • The Batman gag is even funnier if you consider that the name of Batman`s dog is Ace the Bathound!

  • David Breneman

    Zippy the Pinhead?! As a friend of mine used to say, “Isn’t he dead yet?”

  • I liked them all, including Zippy!

  • tom stazer

    Sigh, Zippy. So 6 decades in CA hasn’t clued Bill Griffith in that the costumed characters don’t speak? Nothing like belittling an experience you’ve never had.

  • Leirin

    The dwarfs eyes kinda creep me out… but that last one is weirdly amusing?