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The Sunday Funnies (6/13/10)

This week’s crop: The Argyle Sweater (6/7) by Scott Hilburn; Reynolds Unwrapped (6/9) by Dan Reyonolds; Rubes (6/12) by Leigh Rubin; Frazz (6/6) by Jef Mallett; Wulffmorgenthaler (6/7) by Mikael Wulff and Anders Morgenthaler; Nest Heads (6/7) by John Allen; and The Humble Stumble (6/7) by Roy Schneider.

(Thanks to Jim Lahue, Jed Martinez, Kurtis Findlay, Ed Austin, and David White)

  • The roadrunner one just doesn’t make any sense. A box labelled ‘expletives’? There’s a joke in there somewhere about “beep beep =swearing”, but the execution is lame.

    Frazz isn’t a bad strip really, but oh my god how can the guy get away with ripping off Calvin and Hobbes so blatantly. It’s the EXACT same head, just stretched a little. It’s not an “homage”, it’s outright theft of an iconic character design! It’s like if somebody came up with a design that stole Mickey Mouse’s ears! (Oh wait, they did, with Foxy.)

    It also astounds me that comics like Off the Mark and Mother Goose and Grimm can exist, when most of their punchlines are just non-joke references to copyrighted characters.
    “Hey Grimm, this is my friend who likes to be tickled.”
    “What’s his name?”
    “This is my friend who likes carrots.”
    “What’s his name?”
    “Bugs Bunny.”

    At least the Humble Stumble actually does something funny with these references. I don’t mind Wulffmagoogey either, and I like the bottom (unlabelled?) one because it feels real. I can relate, both in the ‘dad’s girlfriend causing trouble’ part and the ‘eat pizza and watch Tex Avery cartoons with dad’ part.

  • The next-to-last strip is “Nest Heads” by John Allen. “The Humble Stumble” is the very last strip.

  • Christopher Cook

    “Scooby Doo vs. Marmaduke”: Don’t give Hollywood any ideas!!!

  • J.P. Brown

    John Allen has something with his “Scooby vs. Marmaduke” idea. It would work best as a canine centipede horror franchise but lawyers would take forever to settle which dog went in front. My vote is for Marmaduke at the fore since Scoob has been sucking shit since at least 1973. I’ll give him the first season. But it should have ended after that.

  • Fred Sparrman

    In the Sleeping Beauty one, shouldn’t the caption read “If the prince had not pulled himself together, Sleeping Beauty WOULD HAVE slept a lot longer than a hundred years”? Is it that difficult to write a short caption to a cartoon without making an error?

  • David Breneman

    I don’t understand the caption of the Sleeping Beauty one. By that, I mean that it doesn’t follow English syntax and sentence structure rules.

  • Hmmm. Pop culture references si, humor, no. Where’s the wit? Missing from all these strips.

  • FP

    Why does Bambi have his head up that other deer’s butt?

  • I doubt that the composition in the first one could be so monumentally rubbish by accident. What is the price tag for one of these ‘gags’? i figure they should get a bowl of soup each

    Laboured, (mostly) poorly drawn shite

  • Scarabim

    I did get the Roadrunner strip. Both the gags in it were based on puns: “Beep-Beep”=”Bleep-Bleep” and “Explosives=Expletives”. Not too bad a gag IMO.

    I agree about the blatant theft evident in the Frazz strip. It’s bothered me for quite some time. The writing’s not bad, but the obvious Calvin influence ticks me off too much for real enjoyment.

    The poor grammar in the Sleeping Beauty strip is shameful. AND it’s based on a very old joke.

    This criticism is aimed at ALL of the strips: Do ANY strip cartoonists even TRY to draw well anymore?

  • bob

    Parisi; Frazz style is a bit to close to Bill Watersons if you ask me.

  • Liam Scanlan

    I liked the Triplets of Belleville reference. LOL!

  • optimist

    With the exception of the 5th one down these are all astoundingly poorly drawn. Love to know how much effort was expended in doing the “Bambi” strip. Wow.

  • Pizza and Tex Avery cartoons? I think I just found a way to waste the weekends. Awesome.

  • David


    These are hysterical!!!!! I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time. I really like the one with the grownup character that looks like Calvin.

    Wow! You really out did yourself this time.

  • chipper

    Except the forest fire happened after Bambi had grown up /spoilsport.

  • Yeah, that Bambi one was so terrible. I didn’t get the punchline at first because it looked so much like Bambi was kissing the other deer’s butt or something. Horrible composition; almost totally lost the gag, which could have been funny. :|

  • Rooniman

    First one: Just wrong.
    Second one: makes no sense at all.
    Third one: boring.
    Fourth one: also boring.
    Fifth one: Didn’t bother reading it cause it’s ripping-off Calvin and Hobbes.
    Sixth one: Theres and error in the caption so the gag doesn’t work.
    Seventh one: boring again.

  • Akbar Shahzad

    Technically, the grammar of the Sleeping Beauty strip is only archaic, not incorrect. The first example that comes to my mind is Shakespeare: he often uses “he had” as an alternative to “he would have”. Considering the time period of the fairy tale, this may just be obscurity on the cartoonist’s part.

  • Russell H

    “Scooby-Doo vs Marmaduke”–directed by Michael Vick?

  • I now look forward to the comments on your CB Sunday Funnies feature more than the comics. In the immortal words of Tony the Tiger..”They’re Great!”

  • Leirin

    (Can’t wait till Christmas so we can get some Rankin Bass comics…)

    I like the first panel of “What are YOU listening to?”. I also like the style of the last strip.