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The Sunday Funnies (6/20/10)

This week: The Argyle Sweater (6/13) by Scott Hilburn; a Clay Bennett editorial cartoon (6/19); Mother Goose and Grimm (6/19) by Mike Peters; Lola (6/17) by Todd Clark; My Cage (6/15) by Ed Power and Melissa DeJusus; and Rubes (6/16) by Leigh Rubin.

(Special thanks to our crack team of comic strip monitors: Jim Lahue, Kurtis Findlay, Ed Austin, Charles Brunbaker and Uncle Wayne)

  • NightmareIsNear

    Seeing these are much better than watching CN Reals Marathon today. Watching CN today I would just feel like punching Stuart Snyder and Robert Sorcher in the face.

  • How long has it been since newspaper comics stopped going for humor and started going for making their readers cringe at how awful they are?

  • I’m pretty knowledgeable with cartoon characters, but someone has got to explain the ‘triangle-head’ cartoon to me… ‘cuz I don’t get it.

  • Tekena

    Good God, they’re ruining it.

  • the drawing in the popeye one’s good, but the “Punch” line is a little week, since Obama hasn’t even hit BP yet. maybe if he was drawn as Bluto’s mother-in-law nagging him to death while he’s trying to fix the sink…

  • also, apparently Bennett, like Chris Matthews, forgot Obama was black for a moment. must have been that stirring oval office speech. Someone tell Bennett it’s not racist to color a black man with black skin.

  • Amy

    @ revned: It’s Phineas from “Phineas and Ferb”. And obviously Lionheart Bear is Lion-O…are the others supposed to be anyone in particular?

  • I think this was areally funny batch. The obama popeye is pretty clever – the triangle head kid is from “phineas and ferb’ its on disney channel – a recent cartoon, revned. ive seen very little but apparently its pretty popular with kids today.

    The yogi bear one was very funny, especially imagined with voices.

  • droosan

    @ Amy: Seriously..? You recognize Lion-O, but NOT My Little Pony, Strawberry Shortcake, or Rainbow Brite?

    I’m afraid you’ll have to revoke your ‘girl card’ .. ;)

  • @ Gene
    The popye strip is about this..

    The Obama administration has asked BP
    to pay 20 billion in damages so far.
    The Republican congressman
    apologized to BP.

  • chipper

    I’d watch Dora the Exploder.

  • David Breneman

    The Yogi rug one is the funniest I’ve seen here in a long time. Actual “heh-heh”-out-loud funny. For a comic nowadays, “Heh-heh” is a pretty high mark.

    The BP one is clever, but what most commentators seem to be missing is that BP is probably better off giving a lump sum to the government than facing thousands of small lawsuits. Although, in light of the fact that Mr. Hayward spent this weekend at a yachting festival, the sailor analogy was prescient.

  • Josef

    I hate the character designs, but Phineas and Ferb can be pretty funny at times. My kids love them.

  • red pill junkie

    Rambo-Brite *snort* :)

  • @ brad
    I know what it’s about. And that is silly and deserves to be made fun of, but my contention is that the popeye cartoon doesn’t do it effectively.

  • mat

    The my little pony is battle cat from he-man and strawberry shortcake is scarlett from gijoe.

  • Rooniman

    I’m suprised how unfunny they keep getting.

  • Jody Morgan

    What’s this? A week without a Coyote & Road Runner reference? Shape up, guys!

    Seriously (if that’s the proper term), a pretty good batch this week. No classic strips, but they’re all at least amusing. And it’s oddly gratifying to see a Phineas & Ferb reference.

  • Jonah Sidhom

    I’m not going to try and analyze them all, all I know is the Tinkerbell one is the only one I actually laughed at.

    I wish Argyle Sweater would just go away. It keeps coming back here every week, and it’s only getting worse…

  • Rubes is a classic, maybe the funniest one you’ve ever included here. The rest? *shrugs*

  • Sgt. Shortcake and Rambo Brite definitely need their own animated series. Fund it.

  • Not a bad batch indeed. Having never heard of Phineas & Ferb, I thought it was a reference to SPY vs SPY! Truly loved the My Cage one.

  • Roberto Severino

    The only remotely funny cartoon out of this whole bunch would probably be the one with Popeye and BP and maybe the bottom one with Yogi. Geez, they should really start call these the Sunday Unfunnies instead, but compared to most of the insipid, cartoon hating, kid hating programming prevalent on Cartoon Network, these are genius, and that’s not saying much.

    We need more Bill Watersons and Walt Kellys to kick the newspaper comics in the rear again.

  • irn

    ahahhaah! fantastic!

  • Mike Cagle

    Sgt. Shortcake! I’d watch that.

  • Really? In a cartoon showing Bluto as BP they couldn’t figure out a way to work in Olive OIL?

  • Keith

    The ’80s toy one was pretty funny…

    for a complete rundown:
    My Little Pony + Battle-Cat from “He-Man” = My Little Warhorse
    Care Bears (there’s a “Care Bear Cousins” Lion, + Lion-O from Thundercats = Lionheart Bear
    GIJoe’s Scarlett + Strawberry Shortcake = Sgt. Shortcake
    Rambo + Rainbow Brite = Rambo Brite.

    That strip’s the only one I liked from the bunch. Maybe next week we’ll see some better ones!

  • Groan… cringe… I can’t stand some of these, but I love that you post ’em every week, Jerry! Keep ’em coming!

    I don’t eat seafood to begin with, but I’ll remind all my friends to avoid Red Lobster now that we know they harvest dead ginger mermaids for their menu.

  • How is it people can get away with ripping Gary Larson off so blatantly?

    Also, the Rambo Brite gag is funny!

  • The Rambo Brite gag was hilarious! I thought the Phineas and Ferb one was good because I love that show.

  • I’m with David B. The Yogi cartoon made me laugh out loud.