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The Sunday Funnies (6/6/10)

This week’s crop: Wulffmorganthaler (6/3) by Mikael Wulff and Anders Morganthaler; My Cage (6/4) by Ed Power and Melissa DeJesus; Lio (6/3) by Mark Tatulli; and Rubes (6/1) by Leigh Rubin.

(Thanks to Jim Lahue, Jed Martinez, Kurtis Findlay and David White)

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  • Vilmos Magyar

    Made my day, especially the second strip.

  • Jody Morgan

    Quite a collection this week.

    Wulffmorganthaler: A rare case of today’s hip, deliberately-ugly artwork actually working in favor of a strip. Not to my tastes, but pretty well done. (And please, don’t anyone show this to Brett Ratner…)

    My Cage: I think I’m going to have to add another comic strip to my daily routine; this one made me laugh harder than any other in quite a while. (Y’know, they could use the same first three panels for a later strip, then change the punchline to James Cameron’s “Reservoir Dogs” or Tarantino’s “Reservoir Avatars” or some such…)

    Lio: There are hundreds of villains from books or DVDs that Mark Tatulli could’ve used for that gag, but I don’t know if any would’ve been better than Monstro. Nicely done.

    Rubes: Decent premise and drawing, but the gag was just undermined by lame staging, IMHO.

  • TheGunheart

    The first one is undermined by a very awkwardly written caption.

    “Smurf” as a swear word is something I don’t think will ever stop being funny.

    Lio is just priceless. I agree with Jody on this one, Monstro is just perfect. I think it’s mostly because while “scary”, he’s not really a villain per se.

    Also agreeing with Jody on the Rubes one. It’s just so painfully staged.

  • Neil

    I shared the “Lucky Charms” cartoon on facebook and was immediately accused of racism by an Irish citizen. I just thought “Dirty” Harry facing down a cartoon spokesman was funny.