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The Sunday Funnies (8/15/10)

This week Beetle Bailey (8/11) by Mort Walker; Mallard Fillmore (8/9) by Bruce Tinsley; My Cage (8/8) by Ed Powers and Melissa DeJesus; Rubes (8/8) by Leigh Rubin; Strange Brew (8/11) by John Deering; and Reality Check (8/9) by Dave Whammond.

(Thanks, Jim Lahue, Kurtis Findlay and Ed Austin)

  • Thanks for sharing those!

  • Ryan

    Oh wow, that’s the first time ever I haven’t laughed at a single one of these. It’s a bit upsetting really.

  • Jody Morgan

    “Helena Bonham Carter as Orko” is classic, but aside from My Cage and Strange Brew it’s a pretty blah week. I do have to say, though, that what ruined my childhood memories of ‘He-Man’ was seeing an episode as an adult.

  • FP

    The Rice Krispies panel is especially fulfilling, because of the mangled little cartoon dead guy. I love that kind of thing.

  • Ed Thompson

    Given the quality of most of the remakes/reboots/imaginings of movies, the He-Man movie looks above average.

  • He-Man can’t be ruined! It’s already garbage!

  • Scarabim

    Wow, didn’t care for any of these. Thanks for posting them, though, much appreciated.

  • What’s up with Ms. Buxley looking a little chubby?

    • The Gee

      It is probably just inking a black dress and –oddly–making the curves for her back wrong for her sitting position. She’s leaning forward and it wasn’t drawn properly.

      If you look at her friend, in the first panel she is referring to Beetle while looking away from him at some other spot. So there was a mistake there, too.

      It was probably reproduced so small in the papers that most folks probably wouldn’t have noticed either mistake as being too glaring. But looking at is online, you are going to stare at it longer and spot things like that.

      On the whole, none of the strips this week are HIGH-larious. The effort put in to this week’s Wooden, Puppet Boy comic strip reference was impressive, artwise. Gag-wise, it was yet another therapy related gag.

      It amazes me how many of those are done in one panels and have been done since the 70s. There probably could be an encyclopedia for Phsycology composed of one panel gag cartoons. Heck, there probably is one somewhere.

  • Rooniman

    Hmmmm…. no chuckle from me.

  • purin

    The last one is the best. Simple, but funny without explaining itself.

  • Earl

    Wow, tough audience this week. I actually laughed out loud at the Rice Krispies one.

  • lol’d at the oh snap one.

  • Pinocchio is very popular indeed. Took me a moment to get it, but the joke is actually a bit disturbing…

  • Michael F.

    My favorite Beetle Bailey strip was a Medium Large strip:

    Sarge: I’ll get you for this, Beetle!
    Beetle: Ha! Try and catch me!
    (both stop running, look serious)
    Beetle: Wait a minute…isn’t there a war going on?
    Sarge: There is?

  • Gerard de Souza

    Beetle’s kissed Miss Buxley? Way ta go, Beetle, y’ol’ stud!

  • I dunno. I thought the Beetle Bailey and Rice Krispies comics were funny. Guess ya gotta have a sense of humor about these things.

    • The Gee

      For me, they are all amusing. I suppose I should say that before dismissing them as not being gut-bustingly funny. As it goes, unfortunately, I rarely laugh at comics.

      The one with the cereal…it’s original enough, and I don’t mind that it is disturbing, the art is rougher than I’d like to see.
      When I read it I messed up on reading the word balloon.

      I read it initially as “Oh… Snap!”
      Some people use that to signify that someone made an effective put-down.

      Then I just tried to read it as expressing loss “Oh! (long pause) Snaaap! (deafeated tone)…
      and it was too late.

      I let a simple cartoon confuse me because I wanted the lettering and the way it was written to be more expressive so I got the correct intention.

      I could blame him, but, it was more me than the cartoonist.

      • Using italics could’ve helped deliver the punchline, but ultimately Dave Whammond is at fault for not being able to draw a punctuation mark; is that supposed to be a comma or a period?

    • Scarabim

      Maybe a *lousy* sense of humor. No offense.

      • The Gee

        Bah. That didn’t need to be mentioned.
        If he got a kick out of them, so be it. That doesn’t equal him having a lousy sense of humor.
        While for me, there are very few comics which make me laugh, for others, there are ones which often make them laugh. That’s just the way it is.

        The Snap, Crackle and Pop one…I can see how people would find it funny and the main reason is because it is an unexpected cartoon. And, that is a big thing: not being predictable is going to allow a one-panel cartoon to really deliver, if the reader allows it to and, of course, if the cartoonist does their part properly.

        One thing that is off can ruin the reading experience. One little confusing element that seems out of place can make it unworkable for a reader. For me, it was just the word balloon. I wonder if part of the reason why some less-than-stellar comics have such a loyal following is because their predictability if comforting to their readers. There might be less of a chance for glaring errors if they follow some unspoken formula, one which just results from a routine. Though, for what it is worth…it doesn’t matter all that much either.

  • crap… as usual… maybe they were always this bad only I didn’t notice

  • hugh

    Mallard Fillmore is about as funny as hitting a deer. Skip over the DWI King’s strip permanently.

  • The Rice Krispies one was gold!

  • Andrew Kieswetter

    The My Cage entry should have had ‘Music by Danny Elfman’ as well.

  • Check out Beetle Bailey’s latest video: Mort Walker (creator) takes a look into a classic strip from April 20, 1975