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The Sunday Funnies (8/8/10)

This week we start with the final strip of a two week Boris & Natasha storyline in Over the Hedge. It wrapped up on Friday (8/6) with this appearance by Mr. Peabody & Sherman (you can read the whole thing starting here). Following that, we have Cul De Sac (7/31) by Richard Thompson; Ink Pen (8/1) by Phil Dunlap; and Strange Brew (8/7) by John Deering.

(Thank you Jim Lahue, Charles Brubaker, Michael Tuttle and Mark Kausler)

  • ken kahn

    The “Over the Hedge” sequence with Boris and Natasha actually starts here


    • s.w.a.c.

      Ah, thanks for that. It makes a bit more sense now.

  • Ah man, the strip for Over the Hedge is just hilarious!! The others were wonderful as well. Nice finds for today!

  • Jeffers

    An excellent batch this week Jerry! I usually hate Over the Hedge, but this Boris and Natasha plotline has me intrigued.

  • JP

    I absolutely love Richard Thompson’s Cul De Sac! I discovered it by chance last year at Barnes & Noble. It doesn’t run in our local paper, but I’ve been able to catch up on older strips by reading the handful of books that Thompson has released.

    It has renewed my faith that good comic strips still exist!

  • Rooniman

    That How to Train Your Dragon one seems late to make jokes about it.

  • Scarabim

    I don’t care for Over the Hedge either (the strip or the movie) but that Peabody and Sherman strip is classic.

    BTW, wasn’t a Peabody and Sherman movie in the works?

    • Jordan

      shhhh! hollywood could be listening!

  • The second one recalls a great print ad that Calabash Animation used to run in Animation Magazine in the 90’s. Regarding flip books.

    Can’t find it online, you’ll just have to wish you saw it.

    • Tom Moore

      perhaps a certain Jessica Plummer can hunt that Calabash ad down for everyone?

  • When I saw “Little Ne_o” and “Flip” I thought the strip was going to reference something else.