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The Sunday Funnies (9/19/10)

This week we welcome Loose Parts (9/18) by Bave Blazek; Tundra (9/17) by Chad Carpenter; Mother Goose and Grimm (9/17) by Mike Peters; Brewster Rockit (9/14) by Tim Rickard; Rhymes With Orange (9/15) by Hilary Price.

(Thanks to our whole comics clipping crew: Jim Lahue, Jed Martinez, Kurtis Findley, Ed Austin, John Hall and Uncle Wayne)

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  • Eric

    Maybe it’s because it’s so late but “crackers” just killed me.

  • Sunday

    The look on Pooh’s taxidermy’d face is priceless.

  • I might be wrong, but the cookie monster is a puppet character and not a animation character right?

    • Nope, the definition of animation is to give life to, so cookie monster counts

      • Scarabim

        Yeah, but a kid with an oven mitt can give it “life”, by that definition. That’s miles away from an Eric Goldberg.

  • Iritscen

    Almost had a Cookie Monster Trifecta this week, what are the odds? I really like “Redecorating”, that was an unexpected joke.

  • Jody Morgan

    Remember that Count Chocula gag from a couple of weeks ago? Brewster Rockit shows how to do that gag right. I also like Rhymes with Orange this week: a simple, but original, visual gag. The others are OK, none really good or really bad (and I do like the attempt to make Pooh look ferocious in Tundra).

    Thanks for the post, Jerry!

  • Doesn’t the Cookie Monster eat pretty much everything? Why would he be upset at his wife giving him crackers?

    The Winnie the Pooh comic is pretty clever.

  • Justin M. Durden

    I must say, the last one gave me a laugh.

  • Nice batch. Tundra wins the week. Has Hilary Price ever done anything funny? I mean, obviously she can’t draw and she can’t make a joke, but I just wondered if her family finds her amusing, or what? Is she skilled at repartee and just working in a field for which she has no talent, do ya think? Did her husband, a cartoonist with talent, die, and she inherited his gig, like Sonny Bono’s widow did? Is that what happened?

    • Michael F.

      Yes, Tundra totally wins. Also, Rhymes With Orange is better when Hilary Price uses materials submitted to her from readers; her readers tend to be better than she is at making stuff (one favorite was a scene from the first and only Take Your Cat to Work Day where all the cats are walking in front of the keyboards).

  • darkblader

    For godsakes, twilight is NOT vampires.

  • the last one made my day :)

  • Stephan

    Hey, ripping off the Far Sides back!

    • oh, it never left.

      although ill hand it to that last one; it made me smile quiet a bit.