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The Sunday Funnies (9/26/10)

This week, from the top, a San Diego Union-Tribune editorial cartoon (9/3) by Steve Breen; Mother Goose and Grimm (9/24) by Mike Peters; Nancy (9/21) by Guy and Brad Gilchrist; Chuckle Bros. (9/23) by Brian and Ron Boychuck; Hari Kiwi (9/20) by Steven Degryse (aka “Lectrr”) and The Argyle Sweater (9/23) by Scott Hilburn.

(Thanks to Jim Lahue, John Hall, Ed Austin, Kurtis Findlay, Jed Martinez and Uncle Wayne)

  • The two I liked the most was the poltical cartoon with the “eighth dwarf” rasing Disney park prices and the “Nancy” comic where the mother has gone cat-crazy with various shows, while her real cat just wants “me time”

    A contender was “Tigger Woods”, because an certian eptitet and a cartoon/book character also have their origin counterparts ryhme (well, sort of.). Enough with the Smurfs, cartoonists. “Avatar” didn’t win the Oscar and we know already there will be a live-action/CGI Smurfs movie so there’s no need to do Smurf parodies.

    And the Mickey ears panel in Hari Kiwi I believe was sick, because it’s probably some sick cancer joke and I had a grandfather who died of lung cancer a little more than a summer ago.

    If it’s nothing to do with cancer, please correct me. Even the simplest drawn of comic strips can be too adult sometimes.

    • Hayden

      I don’t think you understood the Nancy joke because you seem to have found it funny.

    • It’s a benign tumor joke, by definition not cancer.

    • Fred Sparrman

      Are you saying that the Tigger Woods cartoon brought the “N word” to your mind? If so, then…wow. Thanks for sharing.

  • joecab

    What was with the obvious copying of DVD box set titles rather than using the name of actual TV shows?

    Oh, you Gilchrists; your generic Nancy strip makse the world want to dig up and reanimate Ernie Bushmiller to save us all.

  • The top one’s cute, but wonder why the cartoonist didn’t use for “Greedy” fellow Disney character Uncle Scrooge (maybe dressed as a dwarf)… ;-)

    • get a clue

      Because then it wouldn’t be funny.

  • Jeff

    The dry cleaner has a point. Maybe the other Smurfs do their laundry there, too.

  • Tee

    Wait, THAT’S Nancy now? I don’t like that at all. Time to call it a day for that strip. Googling…

  • The first three strips were ok (especially the MOTHER GOOSE AND GRIMM one). The other three… not so much.

    Not to be too judgmental, but I can’t give too much credit to FAR SIDE copycats and people who use traced-over clipart in their strips on a regular basis.

  • I think the “new design” is actually Nancy’s mother, not Nancy herself. I’ll check but I saw a sunday strip where she had the trademark “hair”.

    • Tim Hodge

      Not her mother, but Aunt Fritzi.

  • Bill

    I didnt laugh at any of these, I frowned upon the Smurfs one trying to exploit what buzz there is with it coming out. And the rest were just awful, hey 2 comics referencing popular cats (one being Garfield for some reason), what’re the odds? Atleast someone remembers Heathcliff.

  • Deaniac

    “Tigger Woods”…heh heh. That wasn’t half bad. Fantasy Hairball was amusing for some reason, too.

  • “Nancy” is still in production?

    That woman must be “Aunt Fritzi”, and that’s more lines than I ever saw her get during the Bushmiller era.

    The cat is a surprise.

    “Nancy” was actually amusing when Jerry Scott was doing it during the 80’s. I was quite impressed with how he took the worn-out characters, retained their essential personalities and yet managed to make them fresh and funny.

  • I guess the glaring obvious mistake is undeserving of comment…who’d notice in these times of sliding standards?? I also find it a little sick that a cartoon person was depicted with an imaginary ailment when my own uncle died wearing a green shirt

  • Scarabim

    Is anyone else bothered by the blatant, inexcusable grammatical error in “Harry Kiwi”?

    THAT is “Nancy”? If that’s Aunt Fritzi, what does Nancy look like?

    Anyway, I liked the first two. The rest, meh.

  • top cat james

    Hmm, “Tigger Woods”, huh? Maybe have Kanga in a blonde wig administering a five-iron beatdown while singing through gritted teeth, “The most wonderful thing about Tiggers is you’re the only one!”.

  • Michael F.

    The editorial cartoon is funny because it’s true.

  • Daev

    Yet again another week of howlers. No matter though. I’m all about those great gams in number 3.

    Actually, number 1 wasn’t bad either.

  • Dave

    I liked the Seven Dwarfs one because at least the artist used an interesting angle and didn’t just show them in a face-on, static line-up.