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The MoCCA Art Festival is coming up this weekend in Manhattan. I’ve heard only good things about the event; it’s been described to me as kind of like a mini-San Diego Comic-Con, comprised entirely of people who are serious and appreciative of the comic art form. In other words, no sword play or collectible card games at this convention.

Many animation folk will be present at MoCCA: Chris McDonnell will be at the Meathaus table promoting the new book he created about Ralph Bakshi, various Blue Sky artists will be there to launch the new volume of Out of Picture, and other artists like Mo Willems, Bill Plympton and JJ Sedelmaier will be presenting projects at various booths. Also, on Saturday, Plympton will receive the 2008 MoCCA Art Festival Award, and on Sunday the festival will present a program of contemporary Nordic animation. Complete exhibitor list and programming guide can be found on the MoCCA website.

  • Sarah

    “…comprised entirely of people who are serious and appreciative of the comic art form?”

    I’m soo there. I wish I knew about this sooner but I’m sure I can break my schedule to visit the Festival. Thanks Brew, I wouldn’t have known about this festival if it wasn’t for this post.

  • Someone say hi to Hope Larson and Bryan Lee O’Malley for me. I love those folks!

  • I went and enjoyed myself thoroughly. There’s a tremendous amount of creativity in the indie comic book world. Now, if they could get the attention and distribution os many richly deserve!

    I saw Bill but couldn’t find JJ. It’s refreshing to an old codger like myself to actually see women as creators and as consumers at a…shudder…comic book convention. Back when dinos ruled the earth comic cons used to be almost exclusively male dominated.