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Today’s “Mutts”

Mutts by Patrick McDonnell is one of the best comics strips of the modern era. McDonnell’s love of classic comic strips, comic book artists and animation history is obvious – and homages to the medium’s past are a regular part of the fun. Couldn’t resist posting today’s nod to Winsor McCay:

(Thanks, Ed Austin)

  • ken kahn

    Curse you Jerry for forcing me to immediately go to Amazon and order all existing “Mutts Treasury” books (8 so far). Reading this blog is starting to cost me (this and Mark Evanier’s blog).

    • Paul N

      You won’t regret the purchase Ken. Mutts is an outstanding strip.

  • uncle wayne

    It is, truly, part of my daily routine!! Thank you. You have actually beaten ME to “the punch” today, lol.

  • I think MUTTS is the comic strip equivalent of haiku.

    • Chris Sobieniak

      So the last panel is only five syllables long? :-P

      • The Gee

        “So the last panel is only five syllables long?”

        “Sweet Dreams,” said the Squirl.

    • The Gee

      I will see your Mutts=Haiku by offering Bushmiller’s Zen Freeverse:

      (and I whole-heartedly agree with him: it is the greatest ever)

  • Mike Johnson

    MUTTS is, as far as I am concerned, THE best comic strip of the modern era, and that is taking into account the likes of Calvin and Hobbes and Bloom County, my other two favorites. It is the only one you could take back with you in a time machine to the golden age of strips that would truly fit the times in both style and concept. It is as close to perfection as a comic can get, and I look forward to every new strip as much as I look forward to spending my time perusing the collections.

    I also appreciate Patrick’s not-too-subtle messages regarding animal welfare. They are effective without sounding preachy and often bring both a smile and a tear, which is no small feat. Here’s hoping he never sells the rights to anybody wanting to do a film or TV special…Mutts is simply too special to be made into anything it isn’t already, which is a work of art with a beating heart.

  • Patrick McDonell, the pride of New Jersey!

  • Check Amazon or eBay for a collection of Pat’s OTHER comic strip, BAD BABY, originally done for PARENTING magazine, I believe. I worked with Patrick at Film Roman, developing it for animation. A BAD BABY miniseries was eventually made, not by FR, but to my knowledge, it only aired once.

  • Calico was the studio that made the BAD BABY miniseries; I think that Spielberg was involved, too.

  • Jeffers

    I didn’t get Mutts for a long time. I was young and immature and the strip didn’t make much sense to me. It took me a while to appreciate the subtle humor and the beautiful illustration of the strip. I have since also discovered McDonnell’s fine art and it is incredible! With so many hack strips polluting our newspapers it is a simple joy to know that integrity still exists. If anyone hasn’t see it yet Cul de Sac stands as another exemplary strip.