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“Underworld” by Kaz

I’ve been a long time fan of the alternative comic strips and illustration work of Kaz. I just discovered he’s been co-animating his strips on a new site by New Zealand animator Matt Campbell and animator Karl Wills (The ComicBook Factory). Check them out here.

  • w

    AWESOME! Love Kaz’s stuff.

    I kinda wish there was a ‘share’ button on ’em, though…

    • Hey – yes I know – we are building a new “my little funny” site right now that has full sharing and commenting functionality etc – should be ready for the next cartoon launch. The cartoon has not been officially been launched yet – we’re still getting organized.
      Please stay tuned!

  • artiebilkmore

    What’s up with Kaz?! I’ve been checking his web-site evry day for months and he’s not posted any new stuff there since “The Greatest Story Ever Told”………is he still alive?

  • NEAT! Thanks for directing us to the new home of the UNDERWORLD. I was just musing over some of my favorite Kaz strips the other day.

    “What a great man!”

  • The cartoons are great and concise. Not a speck of cereal.

    For some short-circuited reason they make me nostalgic.

  • Kent Marlboro III

    Kaz’s animation should be force fed to the mainstream, an oral enema to make better citizens.

    • Craig

      Why stop at oral?

  • Gobo

    I thought I heard that Kaz was doing story work on “Spongebob” not long ago. I’ve always loved Underworld, glad to see it animated.

  • Just to clarify everybody – it seems our credits are confusing everyone. The cartoons are produced and directed by Matt Campbell with lashings of input from the creator himself Mr Kaz. All of the actual animation is being done by Karl Wills who credits himself as “The Comic Book Factory” (that is – a factory staff of 1 person).

  • Chubby

    KAZ is one of the badass descendants of Bakshi. lol The art of grotesque and disaster is his specialty. KAZ wrote many classic episodes of “Spongebob” in the third season, which I recently purchased used at Amoeba Music for $9.

    COMIC ART magazine issue #9 has an extensive profile piece on KAZ…if you can find it. Try eBay or Amazon. Buenaventura Press discontinued this class act of comic mags a while back.

  • w

    Hats off, Messrs. Campbell & Willis! nice work & Thanks, duders.

    • Kaz

      Hey! Thanks for checking out the cartoons. My webisite is being redesigned and soon there will be a brand new kazunderworld.com. I’ll keep you posted.

  • Mad Hatter
  • Kaz is the funniest man working in animation. Zoot Rumpus lives!!
    Now go buy all his books.

  • Isaac

    That poster reminds me of Todd Schorr’s The Spectre of Cartoon Appeal.