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“We The Robots” by Chris Harding

We The Robots

Independent animator (and former syndicated cartoonist) Chris Harding (Learn Self Defense) launches a new online comic strip today called We The Robots. There are thirteen comics currently posted and new ones scheduled weekly. I tend to be a fan of just about everything Chris does and this latest project is no exception. It should be noted that the strip is loosely related to the next animated short that he’s currently working on. He explains in one of his blog posts:

“It’s hard to explain the relationship between the animated Work In Progress, and the non-animated comic strip that goes with it. Both take place in the same fictional world of robots. The short is more broad and doesn’t revolve around any specific robot, where the comic strip has several regular characters.”

  • Chuck R.

    Chris Harding’s brilliant. If you need proof that Flash animation can both entertain and be easy on the eyes, look no further than this:

  • I love how it looks like it was scanned from a magazine from the 60’s. I wonder how he makes it look like offset printing with that subtle blur . you can see it around the characters. Even the white texture of the paper coming through is great.

  • red pill junkie

    I loved this guy’s work since I saw “Make Mine Shoebox” I think I’m gonna be a regular to his strip.

  • Peggy

    I’m so proud of you Chris!! love, momxxxooo