Your Chance to Make The Ultimate Music Video

I have a feeling that 2009 is going to be an awesome year. The new year is only three days old and already amazing opportunities are popping up in my email. Just this morning, musician Nigel emailed me about his cartoon character Surf Rat and he wants ME to animate him! I’m a little busy at the moment so I’m going to make one of our readers’ dream come true by passing along this once-in-a-lifetime deal. Act now before somebody else scoops up this hot item. Here are the details:

whats up my name is nigel i just finished my debut album “Planet earth” you can check out some songs on MySpace. im promoting myself as a hip pop surfer and am having a drawing put together of a surf rat. my debut video is going to be called space beach. i have an amazing concept and marketers who are ready to take this to a huge level if i can create a video of this. i need a cgi or cartoon animator who can turn my surfrat into a music video its only for half of a the video. email me as soon as you get this i would love to see your work. [email protected] thanks a lot, nigel

This is a preview of the song you’ll get to animate:

Disturbing Kids Cartoons

Too violent, too scary, too depressing and no longer suitable for kids! On Tuesday January 13th, at 8pm I’m returning to the Silent Movie Theatre in Hollywood with a full program of classic cartoons no longer shown on television and not on DVD.

This time the theme is cartoons originally made for children, but no longer deemed appropriate for the small fry, whether it’s because of the violence, cross dressing, smoking, sexism, or just straight-up bizarre ingredients contained within. If your childhood wasn’t already perverted by hours upon hours of unhinged animation, this show will make it up to you. Ultra-rare 16mm and 35mm prints will be screened–bring your kids at your own risk. For more details, check the Silent Movie website.

Road Runner Float

As a follow up to my post yesterday about the Road Runner and Coyote float in today’s Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena, here’s the coverage from KTLA. Moderators Stephanie Edwards and Bob Eubanks get points for mentioning Paul Julian (correctly) and Leon Schlesinger (erroneously), but earn a demerit for not pointing out Linda Jones Clough (Chuck Jones daughter) and Craig Kausen (his grandson) riding on the float.

Cab Calloway in Cartoons

In case you were wondering if anyone has started archiving all the caricatures of Cab Calloway in classic Hollywood cartoons… I suggest you check the amazing French language Hi-De-Ho Blog. Among its treasures are links and frame grabs to Calloway’s many animated homages. His Max Fleischer cartoons are curiously missing, but that aside I highly recommend a visit to this terrific tribute site. (Google offers an English translation of the site here.)

(Thanks, Will Friedwald)