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Here’s The English Trailer For The Direct-To-Video ‘Woody Woodpecker’

Universal has released an English-language trailer for its direct-to-video Woody Woodpecker live-action/cg hybrid film, arriving on dvd and digital on February 6, 2018.

We’ve written about the project numerous times: it was designed for the Brazilian theatrical market and opened there in October as Pica-Pau: O Filme, where it earned around $6.7 million, outgrossing the Brazilian grosses of other higher-budget U.S. family fare like Smurfs: The Lost Village, The Lego Batman Movie, and Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie.

Produced by Universal Animation Studios and Universal 1440 Entertainment, the production arm of Universal’s home entertainment division, Woody Woodpecker was directed by Alex Zamm, whose last theatrical feature in the United States was the 1998 Carrot Top film Chairman of the Board. (His other credits include direct-to-video titles such as Inspector Gadget 2, Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2, and Jingle All the Way 2.)

Despite being made for Brazilian audiences — the lead actress is Brazilian Thaila Ayala — Woody Woodpecker was produced in English, and Woody is voiced by Eric Bauza (Stimpy in Ren and Stimpy: Adult Party Cartoon, Rodolfo/White Pantera in El Tigre, Belly Bag in Uncle Grandpa). Credits for the cg Woody belong to the Bulgarian cg/vfx shop Cinemotion.

"Woody Woodpecker."
  • Inkan1969

    Why is that human woman looking at Woody Woodpecker that way?

    • joel brinkerhoff

      Woodpeckers are delicious and low in calories.

  • I assume giving it an English release means the Bill Kopp/Illumination feature has been completely scrapped from the cards and this is basically their replacement for it..

    I kind of wished they used, or even considered, some of my obvious joke taglines from my previous post, but hey, can’t win everything. (they’ve better be a lot of plot “holes” though…)

  • Jonathon Asuna Leafa Richards

    it looks freaking awful we should all avoid this film

  • My Name is Rio

    Walter Lantz must be pecking his way out of his tomb!

  • Elijah Samuel Abrams

    OH MY GOD!!!! Woody Woodpecker just defecated on that woman in the trailer! Not cool, Universal!

  • Glowworm

    I thought Woody loved sexy human women–why is he tormenting this one?

    • GOATmaybe

      I think you expected a level of respect for the character this studio never even considered.

  • Jack Newman

    Wasn’t good enough to get a blu ray release.

    • Neither were all of WB Animation’s direct to video raw spoilage (see: Tom & Jerry and WWE crossovers). The fact that they’re DVD-only positions them as what I call “Soccer Mom releases”, the kind of discs they get their kids to shut them up for an hour.

  • Polecat

    It seems like they stayed at least moderately true to the old Woody. But the live actors are actually more annoying, IMO.

  • JodyMorgan

    That DVD cover looks like it’s for a mockbuster Stevie Sapsucker movie.

  • David Wagenfeld

    Wow that looks just plain horrible.

  • Joe Strike

    Ghastly, just ghastly…

  • Iosh Evens

    What have we become?

  • Emilio Aguinaldo

    I don’t know how to feel bout this

  • Adtron4000

    Wait, wait, wait… you mean Woody DOESN’T wear gloves?