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A Celebration of Ollie


Disney exec Howard Green informs us that there will be an official Life Celebration for Ollie at the El Capitan Theatre on Tuesday evening August 19th. Please note that, though this is a free event, tickets are required. Leonard Maltin is hosting and participants will include John Lasseter, Brad Bird, Andy Gaskill, Roy Disney, John Musker, Ron Clements, Charles Solomon, the Johnston family, Jeanette and Ted Thomas, and Mark Kirkland, among others.

Thanks to the courtesy of Disney, Cartoon Brew is exclusively offering 100 readers the opportunity to attend this event in Hollywood. UPDATE: No more tickets! We’ve given away our allotment. I have posted a complete list of Brew reader names who will be on the list in the comments below. If your name isn’t on this list, we cannot guarantee your admittance to this event.

  • Dave

    Sign me up!

  • Edwin Austin

    Please RSVP me

  • Badjoojoo

    I would like to attend this.

  • chris ure

    I’d love to attend this event!

  • Please include me, I would love to attend this event. Thank you!

  • I’d be interested in attending.

  • 1 please :)

  • Dan Samiljan

    Sounds great! I would love to go!

  • I would LOVE to go to this! You can e-mail me at [email protected]. Thanks so much!

  • Oh my god, I would love to be there.

  • Samantha Morris

    I would love to go, too! Thanks guys!

  • Rachel Rauch

    How wonderful!

    I would love to attend.

    Is it enough to include a working email in the “email” line of the comment form, or do we need to post it publicly here, via the actual comment box?

  • Daniel

    Thank you Cartoon Brew for such a great publication and for this opportunity; please count me in! Cheers!

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    Wonderful! Yes, yes and yes! Thank you so much!

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  • sunnysidegal

    Absolutely, count me in!

  • Love to attend.

  • Joe

    My wife and I would love to attend this remembrance. He was a legend and there will never be another like him. Thank you for offering these to your readers!

  • mawnck

    Please sign me up!
    Eric Graf

  • I would like to attend.

  • I’d like to attend.

  • Tim Hogan

    I would really like to attend!

  • kathiucia dias

    I would live a much better life if i would be able to be given the awsome opportunity to go. Thanks!

  • This sounds like a great opportunity to heart the stories and history of our industry. I’d love to be there. Thanks for the chance.

  • I would love to attend. Thank You!

  • Guido Muzzarelli

    I’d like to attend.

  • Gary Conrad

    Thanks, count me in!

  • Jessica Forer

    I would love to go!! Thx :)

  • I would love to attend with my wife. Thank you!

  • I’d love a ticket please.

  • Please count me in too! Thanks so much, I heard about this but wasn’t sure how to get tickets!

  • James Willis

    I would like to attend, please.

  • This sounds like an amazing group of guys talking about a legend. i would love to be a part of it.

  • I like to draw

    TOTALLY! Id love it!

  • So there! RSVP me, please!

  • I’m ready to go to this!!

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  • I am extremely interested in attending!

  • I’d be honored to attend.

  • yes please.

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  • Randy Dormans

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  • Brandon Cuellar

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  • I would love to attend.

  • Anthony

    This sounds like a great evening. I would love to attend.

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  • I heart Ollie.

    I would like to attend as well, please.

  • Me too, Me too!

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  • I would love to go.

  • Would love to attend!

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  • I would like to attend. Thanks!

  • I’ll be there as well.. please save me a ticket!

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    i’m in IN IN!

    Mike Hollingsworth
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  • Anna Gallaspy

    Anna Gallaspy
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  • I’d love to be there.

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  • Looking forward to it!

    Chris Jackson

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  • I would love to attend! Thanks!

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    Count me in! This sounds wonderful.

  • Shannon

    can i come too?

  • Ali Ferrisi

    and me

  • This is really cool thing your doing. I was lucky enough to have spent a few days with Ollie over the years. he was one of my heros. A ticket would be greatly apreciated. Thanks guys

  • Christina Chiusano

    I would love to go! :)

  • Elaine

    Please save me a ticket!!!!

  • I want to go to this! I named my son Ollie after this dude.

  • josh lusby

    I’d love to go with my special animator lady.

  • Allison Craig

    I’d love to come!

  • I would love to go with my girlfriend! If there are 2 tickets still available of course.

    Ben Willis
    [email protected]

  • Dennis Shelby

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  • I would love to attend this event. I can’t wait. Thanks!

    Jeremy Polgar
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  • I heart Ollie 2.

    Please sign me up!

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    I would love to go. Please sign me up!

  • I would love to attend!

  • Crystal Stromer

    me! me!

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    I’d love to go… thanks for this opportunity!

  • Peter

    I also would like to attend. Thank you Brew.

  • Kevin Rucker

    Sign me up!! Thanks.

  • Alfonso Estrada


  • Ollie’s animation of the squirrels in sword in the stone some of the most emotional, genuine and best, I’d definitely would love to go. Please Sign me up.

  • Bill5925

    I would like to attend.

  • I would like to attend, please.

  • Anthony Pantaleo

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  • I would love to go.

  • I would love to attend. Please sign me up! Thank You!

  • jeffrey j zikry

    please save me a ticket…thank you

  • drew

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  • Phillip Pignotti

    would love to attend! please save me a seat.

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    please put me on the guest list it sounds awesome! thank you!

  • jeffrey j zikry

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  • Please count me in! Thanks!

  • Nancy Parczyk

    Yes I would like to go too!

  • David Lewis

    Looks great! I’m interested.

  • please sign me in! ollie is awesome!

  • This is a really great event to organize. being an animation fan and animator, being able to rediscover the art of one of the masters of animation is priceless! thank you very much for preparing such an event! leMaRk

  • Erika D

    I’d love to go!

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  • Sign me up please!

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    I am extremely extremely extremely interested in attending.

  • Crystal Stromer

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    Hey I’d love to go, can I get 2 tickets?

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    Doug Jones
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  • Please sign me up :)


  • Count me in if you’re still counting.

  • i would love to attend.

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    Can I go??? Please?

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  • Disney Bear

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  • i would be honored to attend.

  • Please I’d LOVE to go….

  • Peter Herlein

    well, if I’m not too late, I’d also love to be signed up!

  • jacqueline sanchez

    Sign me up please! I love Ollie.

  • slug

    I would like to go, please.

  • Tim Garbutt

    Hey! I Would Love to Go if there is a slot!!!!!! Sounds like a wonderful event!:)

    Tim Garbutt
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  • Adam Strick

    I would love to attend if tickets are still available!

  • Love to go!

  • Bryan N

    Sounds good. I want to go

  • Chuck R.

    Jerry, you missed your opportunity for a heading:
    Ollie, Ollie, In come free!

    Congrats to all the lucky stiffs who get to go!

  • Sorry, No more tickets left! I will be posting a complete list of names who will be on the list later today. If your name isn’t on the list, we cannot guarantee your admittance to this event.

  • Chris Harmon

    I would love to be there, if 33 or so people ahead of me bow out.

  • :p this is probably too late. but if people on the list change their mind, i would love to go!

  • justin rasch

    Please RSVP me

  • This sounds cool, but gosh darn it, when are they going to have some great tributes to some of the OTHER legendary Disney artists? Ward Kimball, Tom Oreb, Fred Moore, Marc Davis etc. Ollie deserves his accolades but it seems we always talk about the same people.

  • sunnysidegal

    Cool stuff. Thanks for this opportunity!

  • The following names will be on the list to get in:

    Bob Miller
    Earl Kress
    Denis Kress
    Eric Graf
    Edwin Austin
    Chris Ure
    Ben Balistrer
    Sean Krenier
    Dan Samiljan
    John Faso
    Samantha Morrris
    Rachel Rauch
    Kelly Loosli
    Sean Rouse
    Mark McDonnel
    David White
    Laura Reineke
    Eddie Fitzgerald
    Tim Hogan
    Kathiucia Dias
    Daniel Rehn
    Angela Rehn
    Mark Fleming
    Joe Queen
    Anson Jew
    Elizabeth Adams
    Alex Leon
    Andy Areth
    Jeffrey Zikry
    Dominic Bisignano
    Nancy Parczyk
    David Lewis
    Angelo Vilar
    Mark Sperber
    Erika Danusasmita
    Matt Taylor
    Gina Folarno
    Lizbeth Barris
    Michael Moloney
    Andrea Fernandez
    Kristen Campbell
    Crystal Stromer
    Corey Klemon
    Peter Sohn
    Kevin Rucker
    Alfonso Estrada
    Jacob Patrick
    Paul Husband
    Anthony Pantaleo
    Jesse Sanchez
    Tim Kallok
    Phillip Pignotti
    Laura Rucker
    Doug Jones
    Michael Relth
    Will Finn
    Marco Magallanes
    Nancy Schier
    Drew Adams
    Melissa Cruz
    Michael Sheehan
    Sandra Leong
    Jacqueline Sanchez
    Peter Herlein
    Greg Baldwin
    Gary Conrad
    Guido Muzzarelli
    Jessica Forer
    Dave Wolowic
    Brian Grove
    James Willis
    Dave Geurtin
    Erik D. Martin
    Steve Ryder
    Kara Lee
    Michael Smith
    Robert Litton
    Eric Ng
    Ted Pratt
    Randy Dormans
    Brandon Cuellar
    Mike Walters
    Matt Majers
    Raul Garcia
    Chris Neuhahn
    James Buran
    Aaron Jamison
    Rich Fogel
    Kevin MacLean
    Joe Apel
    Mike Hollingsworth
    Anna Gallaspy
    Donnachada Daly
    Aaron Myers
    Chris Jackson
    Alex Leon
    Ali Ferrsi
    Bryan Irving
    M. Franceschi
    Nick Crocco
    Samntha Krause
    Shane Prigmore
    Christina Chiusano
    Erik Kling
    Josh Lusby
    Allison Craig
    Benjamin Willis (plus 1)
    Dennis Shelby
    Chris Chan
    Jeremy Polgar
    Chetana Daniels
    Daniella Donovan
    Daniel Schier
    Ben Balistreri
    John Dusenberry (PLUS 1)
    John Murasky
    Peter Herlein
    Evelyn Alvarez
    Naz Ghodrati-Azadi