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A Gummie Bear web reunion

Jymn Magon has begun a series of live web events aimed at Disney fans, animation aficionados, and aspiring writers & artists. His first event is pulling together a Disney Gummi Bears reunion, as a two-hour webinar featuring photos, artwork and interviews with the creative team that brought this show to life. Basically, people register, then they log in a few minutes before the event, and once it begins they watch the live broadcast with the ability to ask questions in real time.

Guests include:

• Voice of Grammi Gummi – JUNE FORAY
• Voice of Sunni Gummi – KATIE LEIGH
• Series Director/Producer – ART VITELLO
• Layout whiz – ED WEXLER
• Original Background Designer – GARY EGGLESTON
• Title song composers – MICHAEL & PATTY SILVERSHER
• Series writer – MARK ZASLOVE
• Co-creator & story editor – JYMN MAGON

This web event will be presented next Saturday, December 11th, at 5pm Pacific (8pm Eastern). The price is $20 and is limited to 50 participants. Visit Magon’s website for more details and registration.

  • wORK_

    This is a great idea. A beautiful way for fans like myself to interact with legends in the industry, also a great way to contribute monetarily to the artists directly.

  • Inkan1969

    Neat to hear. I hope Jymn Magon is doing fine these days. I didn’t know what projects he was working on. I liked “Gummi Bears”. Jymn used to tell the story about how Eisner said that his kid really liked the Gummy Bear candies and so he told him to develop a story around it. The show’s crew made great lemonade with that idea by pretty much ignoring the candy. The Gummi world they did put together was actually pretty elaborate. I bet you could build a whole “Star Trek”-like world for the Gummis if you were so motivated. Boom comics has been publishing new comics for “Darkwing Duck” and “Rescue Rangers”. I bet “Gummi Bears” would work really well as a comic.

    • If done as well as the Darkwing Duck comic revival, that could really be fantastic. The Gummi Bears, despite having nearly 100 episodes, only teased us with quick visits and hints of the once-thriving Gummi culture. It had a bit of a “Star Trek Voyager” or “Lost” feel, with a long-term dream goal, and occasional tastes of that promised land. I would LOVE to see the Gummi mythology explored further, as well as see the continued adventures of our familiar heroes.

  • Wow! This is awesome. I’m a huge Disney Afternoon fan and I’ve been particularly thinking about Gummi Bears for a while. I have to see this.

  • PeteR


  • Mark

    There’s something for everyone…I guess. Just as strange as anyone doing anamaniacs or tiny toons reunion. But for small children of that particular generation, I suppose it’s a fun idea. I wonder if there will be one for JEM…she’s truly outrageous. Or the Gary Coleman show.

  • bill

    I know one thing several people who had worked on the show mentioned was that they were excited to have June Foray and Bill Scott (Rocky and Bullwinkle) among their cast. R&B were obviously a big influence on this generation of creators and it helped raise the level of writing quality above other “children’s” shows (such as JEM or the Gary Colman Show).

  • Gobo

    Great! Can we get the DVD set of the remaining seasons sometime soon, too?? It’s been on hold for years.

  • Mike Russo

    Good ole elitism continues to be alive and well on CB I see.

    Anyway, never really watched much of Gummi Bears but hopefully this will lead to this sort of thing for other Disney shows like Ducktales and Darkwing Duck.

  • Joe McCabe

    Wait, now it’s elitist to dislike ‘Gummi Bears’? Have you even been to Michael Barrier’s site?

  • I storyboarded one of the first shows as a favor to production boss, Michael Webster.

    Disney television went on to become very successful. But, I had enough of television after my stint at Hanna-Barbera.

  • I grew up on that and DuckTales…. the memories. :)


    Oh man, I may just register for this :P

  • Scarabim

    The Gummi Bears was a really appealing show. I wish Disney would revive both it and Darkwing Duck for…oh, I don’t know…the Disney Channel?

    (Yeah, that’ll happen, maybe when Hannah Montana retires).

    • Chris Sobieniak

      Well, her show is on it’s last season right now so there’s hope! (though knowing Disney, there’s probably something else coming down the pipe that’ll take over anyway)

  • Jearl

    Would love this. There was a great deal of “heart” on that show. Considering the tv environment, I still have trouble believing it lasted 5 seasons –the last being on the first season of the Disney Afternoon.

    Always feel bad that the producers had trouble getting a consistant “Calvin” voice because the boys grew up, and their voices matured-and somehow the emphasis shifted from him to the other characters.

    I wish somehow the forces that be would finish the last half of Gummi Bear episodes for DVD,along with Rescue Rangers, and other not finished.


    • Paul N


  • I just signed up and am very much looking forward to this.

    Gummi Bears made a very real impact on my young brain for the 5 years it aired. It dually infused my head with equal parts of animation and fantasy at just the right time.

    Now, directing my own animated film, I see little bits of Gummi Bear influence creep in from time to time.

    Having heard nothing about the origin of this show, I will be the first one logged in, hanging on every word.


    PS I tried to pitch Gummi Bears as an MMO during my time at Disney, but was booted out for sneaking into the Narnian Wardrobe in the prop dept (true, if abridged, story).

  • Steve G

    Considering what Eisner expected DTV to do with the Gummi Bear premise it turned into one of the better series shows that Disney ever made. It had a sense of history that wasn’t at all common for that time period. You sure couldn’t be the cast of voice actors either.
    I freelance boarded on and off for years (as well as the occasional design work) and enjoyed it immensely. I never understood why they never took it to feature along with Ducktales. that would’ve been outstanding if they’d had the extra time and money to put into the quality

  • Bob

    No Gummi reunion would be complete without Gary Krisel, now that Michael Webster is gone.

  • Michael Webster was a great guy. One of the few Disney VPs at the time who started out as an animator.

  • John

    Is Tokyo Movie Shinsha Animation going to be represented, what is now TMS Entertainment?