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A Real Tramp Stamp

This is a long way to go for a visual pun, but here’s a literal Tramp stamp. Tonight, a lot of folks in Disney consumer products are thinking to themselves, “Why didn’t we think of that first?”

Tramp Stamp
  • Lindsay

    Oh my goodness – that is hilarious!! And actually quite clever! I’d love to see the faces of people as they figure it out… LOL!

  • HAH! Ok, that’s pretty good…

  • Richard

    Sure, it’s hilarious, but you should see the looks people give me on the subway…

  • It’ll look even cheaper once the post office raises its prices again…

  • Brian

    Should have left the price to be filled in via permanent marker.

  • Best Tom Ever

    You’d be surprised how many people don’t get this when I show it to them. Plus when the stamp price goes up it leaves room for a group of hilraious 1 cent stamps to put around it. On a serious note this is definitely the best idea I have ever had for getting a tattoo